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On HGTV’s Renovation Island, Bryan Baeumler and his family work to transform a run-down Bahamas hotel into a luxury resort called the Caerula Mar Club. The show, which premiered in 2020, has been a hit with viewers, who can’t get enough of the Baeumler family’s island adventures. And it’s not his only show on the network. 

Bryan Baeumler was already an HGTV Canada star before ‘Renovation Island’ 

Renovation Island was most HGTV viewers’ introduction to Bryan, his wife Sarah Baeumler, and their four children. But the Baeumlers were already well-known to audiences in Canada. His TV career began more than a decade ago on the HGTV Canada series Disaster DIY. He later went on to star in House of Bryan, Leave It to Bryan, Bryan Inc., and Island of Bryan. 

Baeumler’s TV career began by chance when he offered his construction company’s services to another HGTV Canada show, he told the Prince George Free Press. Producers interviewed him, and they ended up offering him his own show, Disaster DIY. That eventually led to multiple spinoff shows focusing on Baeumler and his family.

He also stars in ‘Renovation Inc.’ 

Bryan Baeumler wearing a hat in episode of 'Renovation Island'
Bryan Baeumler on ‘Renovation Island’ | HGTV Canada via YouTube

Island of Bryan premiered on HGTV Canada in 2019. In 2020, it made its U.S. debut under a slightly different name: Renovation Island. Following the success of that show, HGTV decided to air another of Baeumler’s HGTV Canada shows. Bryan Inc. was renamed Renovation Inc. and began airing in the U.S. in August 2020.

Currently, two seasons of Renovation Inc. are available to stream on discovery+. Renovation Island fans can also stream Renovation, Inc.: The Beginning, Renovation, Inc.: Home Sweet Home, and Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House on discovery+. Each series follows the Baeumlers as they tackle various projects, including renovating a vacation home and running their booming construction business in Canada. 

A new show with Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray is coming to HGTV Canada 


‘Renovation Island’: The Baeumlers Update Their Wellington, Florida, Home in New Season

Baeumler is continuing to add to his list of TV credits with a new spinoff show that will air on HGTV Canada. He’s set to co-star with Scott McGillivray of Vacation House Rules in Renovation Resort. The competition series will follow four teams of contractors/designers as they each renovate a cabin at a run-down waterfront resort. Baeumler and McGillivray will oversee the renovations, organize challenges, and judge the results. 

Renovation Resort will air on HGTV Canada sometime in the spring of 2023. Meanwhile, it sounds like new episodes of Island of Bryan will also be coming to HGTV Canada in the near future. Sarah Baeumler recently teased on Instagram that details on a new season would be “coming VERY soon!”

New episodes of Renovation Island air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. Episodes also stream on discovery+.

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