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  • Renovation Island Season 3 premieres July 24 on HGTV. 
  • The new season will have eight episodes and follow the Baeumler family as they renovate their home in Florida.
  • Bryan and Sarah Baeumler will also deal with new challenges when running their resort in the Bahamas. 
Bryan Baeumler with sunglasses on his head in an episode of HGTV's 'Renovation Island'
Bryan Baeumler in ‘Renovation Island’ | HGTV Canada via YouTube

HGTV has booked another stay at Renovation Island. The fan-favorite series about a Canadian couple who buy and renovate a run-down resort in the Bahamas will return for its third season on July 24. 

‘Renovation Island’ Season 3 premieres in July 2022 on HGTV 

New episodes of Renovation Island will begin airing on Sunday, July 24 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. The eight-episode season will also be available to stream on discovery+. 

In season 3, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler will finally start on a major renovation of their outdated family home in Florida. They’ll face the stressful challenge of a whole-home renovation while also raising their four kids and running their Bahamas resort, the Caerula Mar Club.

In the premiere, the Baeumlers – who have spent months living out of their suitcases – will finally settle into their new home before beginning renovations. They’ll also travel to South Andros Island to deal with multiple repairs at their hotel, including upgrades to the sign and the boat dock. Throughout Renovation Island’s third season, Bryan and Sarah will work harder than ever to manage it all as they finish their home and work to find quality time for their family. 

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler spent more than $10 million renovating their resort

Renovation Island chronicles the Baeumlers’ efforts to turn a dilapidated hotel into a luxurious beach resort. The show premiered in 2020 and quickly became a hit for HGTV as it introduced American audiences to Bryan and Sarah. The couple was already well-known in their native Canada for appearing on HGTV Canada shows such as Bryan Inc. (which eventually aired in the U.S. as Renovation Inc.)

The Baeumlers spent $2 million to buy the property that would eventually become the Caerula Mar Club. They sunk millions more into an extensive renovation, ultimately investing more than $10 million in the project, they said in a 2020 interview with The Wrap

The couple overcame pandemic challenges to make Caerula Mar Club a success 


‘Renovation Island’: How to Book a Stay at Caerula Mar Club Resort

Aside from the challenges of the renovation itself, the Baeumlers hit a few other major roadblocks as they rehabbed the property. In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas. While the resort was spared, many of the resort’s employees had family and friends affected by the disaster. Then, COVID-19 emerged. Bryan and Sarah were forced to shut down their hotel just six weeks after its grand opening.

Eventually, Caerula Mar Club reopened. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with Bryan saying that business was going “gangbusters” once people were able to travel again. 

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