‘Resident Alien’: Everything Fans Need to Know About Series’s Filming Locations and Harry’s Cabin

The filming locations of some of the most popular TV series have become hot commodities. A prime example is the fictional Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries. Die-hard fans often look to venture to the same filming locations they see on the small-screen. Syfy’s Resident Alien takes place in Patience, Colorado, with picturesque mountain views and a small quaint town. Can fans visit the real-life location of Patience where Resident Alien is filmed and Harry’s quiet lakeside cabin?

Characters Henry and Asta for 'Resident Alien' filming locations in a forest.
Characters Henry and Asta for ‘Resident Alien’ | via Syfy

The stupendous view and locations in ‘Resident Alien’ is not Colorado

The team at Syfy set the record straight on where the locations in Resident Alien are really filmed. Many fans would have guessed correctly on where most of the outside scenes take place. That is right, Patience, Colorado, is a fabricated location in the series and comic book. In reality, Alan Tudyk and the main cast travel to Canada to film the outdoor scene.

“In real life, it was based here in Vancouver. That’s where 90 percent of the filming took place,” said location manager Ken Brooker to Syfy Wire. The realization is not so surprising as Canada is well known for its snow-covered mountains and natural setting that is perfect for bringing Patience, Colorado, to life.

Brooker also explains scenes in Resident Alien season 1 on top of snow-covered glaciers were filmed in British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Corridor: Rainbow Mountain and the Pemberton Ice Cap. The team scouted Ladysmith, a small town outside Vancouver, only accessible by ferry for the quaint Patience.

“It still needed to have enough infrastructure, it couldn’t be a sleepy little backwater necessarily. It had to have some sense of character and a real sense of place. A lot of that came out through Ladysmith,” said Brooker. Fans will find the lakeside location where Harry (Tudyk) lives is not what they think.

Harry’s cabin is a facade in the Syfy series

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Even an extraterrestrial needs a place to rest after a long day of fooling humans. In the first season of Resident Alien in 2021, the title alien character takes over the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, who resides in a lakeside cabin away from town. The location stays consistent into season 2.

As fans visit the filming locations in Resident Alien, they will want to see the cabin where Harry lives. But Brookers spills the tea on the reality of the filming location. The location manager explains the lakeside cabin is a “facade” at Britannia Beach. The grand lake that becomes a topic of discussion in the ongoing murder case actually borders an inlet.

Brooker explains, “It’s part of the Howe Sound. … so you can cheat that reasonably and make it look like a lake.” The grand view Harry gets to see every morning from his cabin does not necessarily exist. But fans can still visit Howe Sound while on their Resident Alien location tour.

Fans can visit small business locations from ‘Resident Alien’

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Part of the charm of the Syfy series is the local establishments that are a town staple for the main characters. Brooker explains they got lucky when finding Ladysmith. The town hall, local clinic, and ‘The 59’ bar are all within proximity of each other. Fans can visit 1st Avenue with High and Roberts Street where a majority of the scenes are filmed.

It is unclear if the famous ‘The 59’ bar run by D’Arcy is a real bar that fans can visit. But fans of Resident Alien can visit a popular restaurant location the cast and crew enjoyed. Plantitude is a local vegan restaurant that Booker says came in handy as the cast have different dietary restrictions.