‘Resident Alien’ Season 2: What Happened in the Finale and When Is Season 3?

SyFy’s TV series Resident Alien wrapped up the second half of its second season. The Resident Alien Season 2 finale left fans eager for the third season as the Greys continue their plan to take over humanity. But a few storyline details left audiences in complete shock and fearing the lives of some of their favorite characters. With the second season over, how long do fans have to wait for Resident Alien Season 3?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Resident Alien Season 2 finale.]

Alan Tudyk as alien Harry in 'Resident Alien' Season 2 finale.
Alan Tudyk as alien Harry in ‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 finale | via SyFY

Asta learns about the message from Goliath as the Greys give Harry a way out

Before the finale, Harry infiltrated the secret military base run by General McCallister and saved the alien baby. He also witnessed the death of the alien tracker and vowed to protect his long-lost son. The Resident Alien Season 2 finale opens with Asta hearing the message from Goliath about the Greys. She learns the Greys have found a way to take over the Earth by creating human-alien hybrids. Also, that Goliath is Harry from the future and warns McCallister is the key to saving the world.

The characters of Patience, Colorado go in with their lives, and Harry gets an unwanted visitor at the diner. As time stops, he is visited by one of the human Grey hybrids that sneakily worked for McCallister. In a turn of events, he gives Harry a way out of seeing the destruction of Earth. On top of the mountain is an escape pod ready to take Harry back to his planet.

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Harry ultimately decides it is best to leave. Meanwhile, Liv learns that the alien tracker died in a car accident. But she suspects otherwise and knows it is because he was close to tracking down the alien. She and Sheriff Mike look at an abandoned van, and Liv realizes it is the alien trackers. Breaking protocol, she steals the van.

In town, Harry begins saying his goodbyes but realizes an undeniable truth. Back to Liv, Sheriff Mike tricks her by moving the van but agrees the alien tracker’s death was foul play.

‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 finale shocks fans with Mayor Ben’s abduction

In the finale, fans start to worry about Ben. He begins sleepwalking and dreams the same dream about his family. Meanwhile, Harry sets off to the mountains with the alien baby to return home. He is unsure if he or McCallister can save humanity. But along the way, he realizes the truth.

Goliath gave him the alien baby for a reason. He is now a changed man, having experienced emotions and humanity. Resident Alien Season 2 finale drops a shocker when Harry is back in his cabin with Asta and reveals he sent the alien baby back to his home planet. The finale gets better as D’Arcy learns Asta and Harry know about Sam’s murder and that Harry killed him.

But she is unaware it was human Harry and angrily yells at Asta for deceiving her. With no other choice, Harry reveals his alien form to D’Arcy. Instead of being shocked, D’Arcy is happy and thinks the entire thing makes absolute sense. As the episode ends, Harry, Asta, and D’Arcy are visited by McCallister’s people, and Harry is taken away. Not before he makes sure they are safe, and he uploads the hard drive with the government’s secrets. McCallister shows Harry their secret lair.

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At the same time, Sheriff Mike interviews a new deputy who happens to be the Grey hybrid. The biggest cliffhanger of Resident Alien Season 2 finale is witnessing the alien tracker’s son get retaken by the Greys, but he was not the only one. On their ship, fans learn Ben was also taken, and Kate was pregnant, but the Greys took the baby.

When will ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3 premiere?

After the second season’s finale, Resident Alien Season 3 will be packed with riveting and fun storylines. But the question is, how long will fans have to wait for the third season? Back in July, TVLine reported the series was renewed for a third season.

According to Parade, showrunner Chris Sheridan is working on the storylines and writing Resident Alien Season 3. Unlike the second season, Resident Alien Season 3 will have 12 episodes but not be divided into parts. But there is no set premiere date yet for the third season.

Alan Tudyk spoke with ScreenRant and revealed that the cast would be reuniting in Canada and filming in a few months. “Yeah, we still have a little time. It’ll be January, but it’s coming up,” said Tudyk. As for now, there is no definite end to the SyFy series as Sheridan has no set plans for a final season and sees where the storyline takes him.

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