‘Resident Alien’: Showrunner Has No Idea When the Series Will End: ‘I Think a Very Good Series Will Tell You When It’s Time to Go’

The TV series Resident Alien Season 2 goes into its second half with Harry and Asta facing more trouble than ever. Based on the original comic books, the series tells the story of an alien sent to earth to destroy humanity. But a few issues along the way have him stranded and experiencing the complex emotions of being a human. Resident Alien showrunner Chris Sheridan reveals he has no plans for when the series will end.

‘Resident Alien’ Season 3 was greenlighted by SyFy

The fun, cooky, and mysterious sci-fi series is not going anywhere for a while. According to Deadline, on July 21, SyFy approved a Resident Alien Season 3. The third season will comprise of 12 episodes and continue wherever the second season’s storyline ends.

Details about the season are still on the down low as fans have to see what happens to Harry in Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2. But the series has followed the comic book story closely, from Harry and Asta visiting New York to the infamous artist named Goliath.

News of a third season has fans and the main cast filled with glee. But Resident Alien showrunner Chris Sheridan explains to fans that he has no idea when the series will end.

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‘Resident Alien’ showrunner never expected the show’s popularity

Before the grand premiere of Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2, fans got to ask the showrunner and Alice Wetterlund a few questions that have been plaguing their minds. On Reddit, a fan asked Sheridan if he has plans for how the series will end. Fans will be more than happy with his answer.

“There is no plan per se. I think the run of a show depends 100% on how the show lays out. I had a lot of plans in the beginning that have since changed because the show has taken us in a direction we never expected, in a good way. Character relationships sometimes work even better than expected, so you lean into that, storylines may work better or worse than you expected,” said Sheridan.

The showrunner explains they still have a lot of work to do, but “I think every good series will tell you when it’s time to go. So, sorry there’s no more definitive answer, but I promise we won’t overstay our welcome. I don’t want to be a show that stays on the air past the point that it has something to say. All that said, we have a lot to say so I think it’ll be a while.”

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What’s next for Asta and Harry for the rest of the second season?

Fans are in for a good rest of the season as the first half of Resident Alien Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger. More than a few people are hunting Harry. He learns from Goliath that there is another alien race on earth. To add more drama, Galvin/Powell group are after the real Harry and almost kill him. But Asta comes to his rescue and kills the assailant.

With an alien baby on the loose, the characters deal with the possible destruction of earth and mortality.

Fans can look forward to a jam-packed season as Sheridan explains, “I love so many of the upcoming 8 episodes. 9 and 10 are sort of thematically linked, and are a great way to start the season. They all have great stuff in them to be honest, mostly probably I’m excited for people to see 16 because the season, in my opinion, ends really strong and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 premieres weekly on SyFy starting Aug.10 at 10 p.m. EST.

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