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Netflix’s new series Resident Evil features a cast of new characters and faces, including Paola Núñez, who plays Evelyn Marcus. Here’s more about the actor, including where fans might have seen Núñez before her role as the Umbrella Corp. villain. 

Paola Núñez plays Evelyn Marcus in the ‘Resident Evil’ Netflix series

Resident Evil Netflix cast, Paola Nunez, Evelyn Marcus
Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ | Marcos Cruz/Netflix

Resident Evil is based on Capcom’s video game series of the same name and tells the story of a zombie apocalypse. But the show is quite different from Paul W.S. Anderson’s six Resident Evil films — all of which star Milla Jovovich as the hero, Alice. 

The new Netflix reboot highlights the events that lead to a zombie virus and how Umbrella Corp. is involved. It follows Dr. Albert Wesker, a scientist who creates an antidepressant called Joy, which triggers the zombie plague. 

Albert works for Umbrella Corp., led by CEO Evelyn Marcus. As explained in early episodes, she inherits the company from her dad, James Marcus, a character who appears in the video games and movies

Evelyn works closely with Albert on the Joy project. And early on, it becomes clear her loyalties lie with corporate profits, not consumers’ well-being. 

“She doesn’t want to be vulnerable because that’s scary, and that’s her motto,” Núñez told Bloody Disgusting when discussing her character. “That’s the way she lives her life. That’s the way that she has survived.”

The ‘Bad Boys for Life’ actor has been in showbiz for over 20 years 

Paola Núñez started her career in 2001, when she appeared in various Spanish-language projects. Some of her early series include Súbete a Mi Moto, Tan Infinito Como el Desierto, and Las Juanas.

In 2005, she landed a recurring part as Barbara Bazterrica in Amor en Custodia. She also had regular roles on shows such as Reina de Corazones, Palabra de Ladrón, Destino, La Hermandad, and La Reina del Sur

One of Núñez’s first Hollywood projects was the 2019 series The Purge. And in 2020, she portrayed Rita in Bad Boys for Life opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. 

In addition, she’s appeared in episodes of Magnum P.I., Deputy, and Calls.

Also, she’s slated to appear in Mike Flanagan’s next Netflix horror series, The Fall of the House of Usher

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Núñez was born on Apr. 8, 1978, in Tecate, a small town near Tijuana, Mexico. She grew up speaking Spanish but picked up English through television and film. 

“When I was a kid, I used to see a lot of TV in English, and that’s how I learned how to speak English,” Núñez told Backstage. “I’ve always had a lot of influences, like sitcoms from the States.” 

After establishing herself as a soap star in Mexico, Núñez moved to Los Angeles to try to make it in Hollywood. And despite early rejections, the actor continued striving until she landed her first major role. 

“It completely made me so humble, and from that, I grew again,” Núñez said. “I had to recover from that, being a better person and a better actor. I believe in hard work — that’s the only thing. For me, that’s the only thing I can control.” 

Núñez is active on Instagram, where she mostly posts about her acting projects, her dogs, friends, and family.