‘Resident Evil’ Netflix Cast: Everything to Know About Richard Baxter Actor Turlough Convery

The Netflix series Resident Evil introduces a new cast to the media franchise. Here’s everything to know about cast member Turlough Convery, who plays Richard Baxter in the TV reboot of the horror video games of the same name. 

Turlough Convery plays an Umbrella Corp. henchman in ‘Resident Evil’ 

Resident Evil cast Turlough Convery Richard Baxter
Turlough Convery as Richard Baxter in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ | Netflix

Resident Evil brings new characters and storylines to the franchise spawned by Capcom’s video games. Unlike the six Resident Evil movies — which feature Milla Jovovich as the main protagonist, Alice — the new Netflix series focuses on Dr. Albert Wesker and his daughters Jade and Billie. 

The show starts out with Albert moving his teen girls to New Racoon City in 2022, where he continues his work for Umbrella Corp. He creates an antidepressant called Joy for the company. But the drug ends up becoming a delivery system for the zombie-making T-virus. 

Cut to 2036, and the world has been ravaged by a T-virus plague. Billie is missing. And an adult Jade is researching and fighting off zombies as she looks for her sister. 

Turlough Convery’s character, Richard Baxter, is an Umbrella Corp. employee who begins hunting Jade. Hell-bent on finding her, he ruthlessly kills anyone who gets in the way. 

“Baxter is very much the Umbrella Corporation’s handler,” Convery told the Belfast Telegraph. “He’s a company man, but then he does this sweet little switch from badass psycho to a man who’ll do anything for his two dogs.” 

What else has the actor appeared in?

Turlough Convery is an Irish actor who started his career in 2013 with a brief role in the British comedy-drama Fresh Meat. He then appeared in episodes of Siblings and Black Mirror. And in 2014, he landed a recurring role as Liam in My Mad Fat Diary

In the past few years, Convery has been featured in several popular TV series. He’s had roles in River, Hoff the Record, Lovesick, Les Misérables, Temple, Ann Boleyn, and Sandition

In the award-winning British historical drama, Poldark, Convery portrayed Tom Harry. And in the 2020 season of BBC’s hit series Killing Eve, he took on the role of Bitter Pill investigator Bear. 

Convery’s film credits include Mindgamers, A Quiet Passion, Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire, Doing Money, Saint Maud, Pixie, and Ready Player One. He also appeared as the Minister in Kenneth Branagh’s Academy Award-winning 2021 movie, Belfast

Turlough Convery: Wife, nationality, Instagram, and more

Convery was born and raised in Ireland. He attended the Guilford School of Acting in England and won the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year award in 2013. According to his Instagram, the actor is married to his wife, Frankie Bunce.

Growing up in Northern Ireland, Convery has a distinct Irish accent. And when talking to the Belfast Telegraph, he revealed how gratifying it was to speak in his natural accent for Resident Evil

“When I first auditioned for the part of Baxter, I was urged to keep the Northern Irish accent, which was great,” Convery recalled. “So many of these American Netflix series never feature a Northern Irish accent; it doesn’t get a shoutout, so it was wonderful to be able to bring a little piece of Norn Iron to the show.” 

The actor also enjoyed playing a villain. It’s the type of role he hopes to do again. 

“I’ve got a real taste now for the character,” Convery enthused. “And I’d love to play other sociopaths to find different elements to their characters, just like Baxter has.”

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