‘Return to Amish’: Daniel Was Recommended Plastic Surgery After an Accident Left His Face Permanently Scarred

Return to Amish is a popular TV show on the TLC network, a spinoff and continuation series of the original show Breaking Amish.

Documenting the stories of the cast members from Breaking Amish who return to their home communities and try to adjust to Amish living, Return to Amish has given viewers an up-close and personal look at not just those particular cast members, but at the Amish community as well.

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One cast member who has been in the spotlight a lot lately is Daniel Byler, an ex-Amish taxi driver who has established a romantic relationship with Maureen. Many fans have expressed interest in Daniel Byler, and, in particular, the story behind his unique mouth scarring. 

What happened to Daniel Byler’s mouth?

Daniel Byler was first introduced to viewers of Return to Amish in Season 6, when Maureen reveals that she has developed a crush on Daniel Byler, a taxi driver who was formerly a member of the Amish community.

Over the past eight months, fans have watched as their relationship has grown and developed, with the young woman experiencing many firsts with her boyfriend, including her first French kiss. 

In July 2020, Daniel Byler and Maureen (who also lists her last name as Byler) got engaged. These days, according to Distractify, the two are still engaged, although they don’t post as much on social media as they used to. Fans are still quite curious about Byler, and his facial scarring.

According to Screen Rant, Byler’s scarring and dental problems are a result of drinking Drano when he was 18 months old. Byler survived the horrific incident but was left with serious mouth scarring and injuries.

The publication notes that Byler’s doctors recommended that he get plastic surgery in order to help correct some scarring, but Byler’s strict Amish family ignored this recommendation. Screen Rant reports that most Amish people do not believe in plastic surgery because surgical intervention would be bypassing “God’s will.”

Does Daniel Byler have dentures?

Daniel Byler’s teeth were also affected by the Drano incident. Many Amish community members who experience tooth troubles choose to have all of their teeth removed, often replacing them with dentures.

Screen Rant notes that this is because the Amish have limited contact with dentists. However, Byler’s teeth are his own – and his girlfriend, Maureen, loves the way that he looks. Distractify reports that Maureen Byler said on-camera that

“It doesn’t matter to me. I like him just the way he is. I wouldn’t want him to change.”

Some high-profile Amish celebrities have gotten plastic surgery

Although Daniel Byler did not get plastic surgery to correct any of his childhood scarring, some former Amish reality stars have chosen to go that route. In fact, Kate Stoltzfus, one of the biggest stars of Return to Amish has been open about her own journey to self-acceptance, which has included pursuing a modeling career after leaving her Amish community.

According to Heavy, Stoltzfus even filmed herself shopping around for plastic surgeons, reportedly deciding that she needed a nose job in order to be taken seriously as a model. These days, Stoltzfus is a fashion designer who goes by the name Kate Stoltz, according to Inquisitr, and has successfully completed some of her plastic surgery journey.

As to whether other Amish reality stars like Daniel Byler might decide to go the plastic surgery route, that remains to be seen – but for now, Byler seems to be just fine with the way he looks.

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