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Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes cannot catch a break. After purchasing a new home for her son, Bryson Bryant, his baby mama, Symone Davis, blasted the reality star for not supporting her alleged grandson. Leakes may have had good intentions with Bryant, but all Davis wants is her to acknowledge that her son is part of the family.

RHOA NeNe Leakes
‘RHOA’ star NeNe Leakes | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Leakes gets blasted by her son’s baby mama

Davis claims that she hooked up with NeNe Leakes’ son two years ago. Their brief fling allegedly resulted in a son, Blaze Kai Davis, who Davis claims is Leakes’ grandson.

Over the years, Davis has blasted Leakes for not recognizing her grandson and for not helping her out financially. This past October, for example, Davis criticized Bryant for doing drugs and not supporting his own son (or his four other children for that matter).

Fast forward a few months and All About The Tea reports that Leakes recently bought a home for her son to celebrate him turning 30 years old. But for Davis, the purchase was like a slap to the face.

Taking to Instagram, Davis bashed NeNe Leakes for giving Bryant such an expensive gift when she will not spend a dime on her grandchildren.

“Don’t give a f*ck about her son,” Davis shared, adding that Bryant cannot “take care of himself” and has been “doing drugs.”

Davis added that the only reason Leakes bought her son a house is so that she could look good in public. NeNe Leakes has not responded to the allegations, though we have a feeling the drama is far from over.

Bryant opens up about his alleged baby mama

In 2018, Bryant finally addressed the rumors surrounding him and Davis. Bryant confessed that he had slept with Davis, but he claims that her two-year-old son is not his.

He even said that Davis informed him that the child was not his during her pregnancy. She apparently changed her tune after giving birth, though it is unclear why she flipped her story around.

“Look, when she was pregnant, she told me the baby wasn’t mine. I was like OK, cool and that was that. Now…she says it’s mine,” Bryant stated.

For her part, Davis claims that she filed for child support after giving birth. She also says that Bryant knows he is the father and has admitted as much to her.

Her views on NeNe Leakes are pretty clear at this point, and it sounds like the drama is just getting started. Unfortunately, Leakes has not said anything about Davis, so it is hard to say what is really going on here.

Inside Bryant’s legal woes

As far as Bryant is concerned, he is hardly a stranger to drama. NeNe Leakes’ son has gained a reputation for his partying ways and has been in trouble with the law on more than one occasion.

Bryant, for instance, once spent time behind bars and was forced to enter rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Davis has mentioned Bryant’s drug problem multiple times on social media and has been open about his lack of involvement in their son’s life.

At one point, Davis accused Bryant of never buying anything for his son, including socks or food. But he apparently is always asking Davis for money, despite his mother being a millionaire.

It is difficult to verify these claims, but it is clear that Davis does not think highly of Bryant. Unfortunately for NeNe Leakes, this is hardly the only source of drama on her plate.

The drama heats up on ‘RHOA’

Following a major fight on RHOA, the person Kenya Moore called a “snake” for secretly recording conversations is reportedly getting the boot.

The trouble started when NeNe Leakes revealed that somebody had a recording of Cynthia Bailey throwing shade at her in secret. Moore confronted her friends after the revelation in an attempt to find out who recorded the conversation.

An inside source previously revealed that Gail “Yovanna” Momplaisir was the person who did the recording. Another source claims that Moore did not let up and eventually found out that Momplaisir was the mole.

As a result, Moore and Bailey stopped filming with Momplaisir, which prompted producers to give her the boot. Bravo has not confirmed the news, but it will be interesting to see how things play out on the show.

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