‘Rick and Morty’: Adult Swim Drops Live-Action Trailer With Christopher Lloyd

Adult Swim has given fans what they always wanted to see come true. The main characters of Rick and Morty have come alive in a short live-action trailer released by the network. Fans of the animated series have often talked about what actors could accurately portray Rick Sanchez and his soft-spoken grandson Morty. Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd has been a favorite for Rick and a secret dream for most fans. The short trailer brings in Lloyd as the character with a lab coat and all. By his side is actor Jaeden Martell as Morty.

Christopher Lloyd 'Rick and Morty' at Back to the Future Premiere wearing all black
Christopher Lloyd ‘Back To The Future’ special anniversary screening | Theo Wargo via Getty Images

‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 finale is almost here

Back in August, Rick and Morty premiered its first half of the Season 5 finale. According to Collider, the season has 10 episodes in its season with only eight currently debuted. For the first time, the series will have an hour-long season finale on September 5. Fans speculate the finale is comprised of two episodes, each with its own episode title. Reddit fans believe the two episodes will connect in storyline and premiere back to back.

The teaser trailer for the finale has fans wondering if Rick will replace Morty. Morty used too much of the portal gun’s green-colored juice on his own intergalactic adventure. Knowing Rick will be upset, Morty replaces it with an equally vibrant green lime juice. No one can fool Rick as he notices right away and threatens to get rid of Morty. Rick’s options are displayed on a spinning wheel.

Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell debut as the animated characters


Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd embodies the mad scientist in Adult Swim’s live-action trailer of Rick and Morty. The trailer starts with a green portal opening in Rick’s garage with Lloyd stepping out. He wears Rick’s iconic white lab coat, brown pants, and blue shirt. The trailer also has Lloyd sporting Rick’s somewhat wacky hairstyle. To complete the live-action version, Lloyd burps and grunts just like Rick.

Knives Out actor Jacob Martell joins Lloyd. Seeing as the animated characters wear simple clothing, not much needed to be done for Martell. He wears the same yellow shirt and dark pants Morty is known for, and his hair is combed to the side. The trailer does have the two actors say some short lines that are synonymous with the animated characters. Lloyd tells Martell, “Morty, we’re home.” The actor responds, “Oh geez,” while nervously rubbing his neck.

Where are the live-action Rick and Morty from?


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According to Digital Spy, Adult Swim details precisely where the live-action Rick and Morty are from. The live-action characters are from Dimension C-132. The dimension is one of many in the vast multiverse where Rick and Morty exist. The first two volumes of the comics have Rick and Morty initially from Dimension C-132 compared to the animated series.

The animated Rick and Morty are from Dimension C-137. Issue #10 of the comics details what happens to Dimension C-132. Adult Swim nor the teaser trailer gives any information of what it means for the series going forward or if it connects to the finale of Season 5. The teaser could be a way to excite the fans before the premiere of the finale.