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Rick and Morty Season 5 finale revealed the return of an antagonist and more insight into Rick’s real backstory. The one-hour-long finale was separated into two episodes with connecting storylines. Rick and Morty go through a tough separation in “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall.” The following episode of the series stayed true to the creators’ and producers’ promise of bringing back Evil Morty for a mindboggling story that no one saw coming.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Rick and Morty finale.]

Evil Morty 'Rick and Morty' Season 5 wearing white dress shirt and tie
Evil Morty of ‘Rick and Morty’ in Season 5 | via Adult Swim

Morty is replaced with two crows

The trailer for the Season 5 finale teased Rick possibly replacing Morty with various options on a spinning wheel. In “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall,” Rick goes on his own journey with two black crows leaving Morty behind. His new sidekicks lead him to a sentient race of crows and abandoning Morty for good. Soon after, Rick goes down a new path as a crow samurai traveling through dimensions, getting rid of enemies. But, Rick’s two crows betray him and have him realize how toxic his relationship was with his grandson.

While Rick is on his own journey, Morty goes on a darker one. After accidentally spilling portal fluid on his hand, Morty meets someone who spilled fluid on his thigh. Morty’s new companion proves to be more harm than good and wreaks havoc leaving him no choice but to get rid of him. By the end of the episode, Morty tries to guilt-trip Rick into thinking time has passed using a fluid that ages him into a 40-year-old. They travel to the Citadel for a cure.

Evil Morty returns in Season 5 finale

What fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. As Rick and Morty venture to the Citadel in “Rickmurai Jack,” they remeet Evil Morty. The last time fans saw Evil Morty, he had manipulated the Rick and Mortys of the Citadel for his own bidding and became president. Evil Morty’s return led to a shocking revelation about the dark cycle of the relationship between Rick and Morty. The Rick’s of the Citadel really so heavily on Mortys they force Beth and Jerrys of other dimensions together for him to exist.

According to the Comicbook synopsis, Rick’s penchant for Mortys leads to Evil Morty’s grand scheme. He starts to kill Ricks and discovers a way to leave the “Infinite Curve.” The Infinite Curve is a cycle of Rick and Morty’s that separate them from one another. Evil Morty manages to break through the Infinite Curve using energy harvested from Mortys. He disconnects the infinite universes that connect all of them. Evil Morty frees himself and becomes completely autonomous.

The Rick fans know really is Rick C-137


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Fans have only known small tidbits of Rick’s backstory and have questioned how much of it was really true. In Season 3 of Rick and Morty, Rick shows the Galactic Federation a memory of his wife and Beth being killed by an Evil Rick. The Season 5 finale confirms this is true and that the Rick fans have known really is Rick C-137.

The episode shows Rick going on an interdimensional hunt to find the Rick responsible for killing his family until it proves futile. He soon goes into a downward spiral, drinking and killing Ricks. At some point, Rick is convinced by the surviving the Ricks to form a truce and creates the Citadel.

Fans often theorized that Evil Morty is version C-137 who betrayed his Rick. The finale disproves this theory since Rick C-137’s Beth is killed, resulting in his grandson never being born. Rick finds an alternate reality where Beth is alive and where Morty can impact his life. The season ended with Morty knowing the truth about Rick and Evil Morty escaping the “Infinite Curve.”