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Rihanna is pregnant with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and her fans couldn’t be happier about the news. The singer’s father is also celebrating the pregnancy. Here are some of the details about his relationship with Rihanna and what he said about her exciting news.

A$AP Rocky kisses Rihanna's cheek as she smiles at the 2021 Met Gala.
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Rihanna’s father is ‘ecstatic’ about her pregnancy with A$AP Rocky

On Jan. 31, TMZ published photos of Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, walking and holding hands in Harlem, New York. The singer bared her rounded belly, despite the snow on the ground, effectively announcing her pregnancy. 

Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, spoke with Page Six to share his feelings about the pregnancy news. “I’m ecstatic,” Fenty said from his home in Barbados. “I’m so happy that I jumped for joy. I’m still so excited.”

He added that his daughter has always wanted to have kids. “Rihanna always said that she wanted children, she loves kids,” Fenty said. “She always takes care of her cousins’ kids … she’s going to be a good mom.”

As for what he thinks of Rihanna’s boyfriend, Fenty called A$AP Rocky “a very cool guy” and said, “I like him.” The singer’s father met her boyfriend when she brought him home to Barbados in December 2020. 

Rihanna previously filed a lawsuit against her father

The singer has had a complicated relationship with her father. In January 2019, Rihanna filed a lawsuit against Ronald Fenty. She accused him of “false advertising, invasion of privacy and falsely using her name to promote his business, Fenty Entertainment,” according to NME

The “Disturbia” singer alleged that her father booked shows for her without her knowledge or permission, including a $15 million international tour, even though he wasn’t her agent. Rihanna claimed Fenty’s actions damaged her reputation with venues and promoters.

By September 2021, Rihanna dropped the lawsuit against her father. 

The billionaire singer has also spoken in the past about her father’s experience with substance abuse. She said that she grew up with him battling addictions to crack cocaine and alcohol. Rihanna has memories of her father leaving drug paraphernalia around the house when she was a young child

“Even as a toddler, I learned that my mum and dad would argue when there was foil paper in the ashtray,” Rihanna told Mirror in 2007. 


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A$AP Rocky also had a complicated relationship with his dad

Rihanna isn’t the only one in her relationship who has a complicated family dynamic. Her baby’s father, A$AP Rocky, also had a strained relationship with his father, who died in 2012. 

According to NSS Magazine, his father was incarcerated for drug charges when A$AP Rocky was 12 years old. The rapper’s brother Ricky was murdered the following year, and the family started moving around between different homeless shelters. A$AP Rocky started selling drugs at age 15 until he was arrested in 2004 for dealing. 

But while in prison, A$AP Rocky shared a cell with future rapper Casanova. Casanova’s influence and A$AP Rocky’s brother’s death made him want to take his aspirations as a rapper more seriously. 

How to get help: In the U.S., contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helpline at 1-800-662-4357.