Rita Ora’s Outfit Got Her Turned Away From 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants

Rita Ora is a popular singer and actor, who has performed on many of the world’s biggest stages. As a big celebrity for well over a decade, she’s visited many fine dining establishments and exotic places. Still, on at least one occasion, Ora was turned away from a restaurant where she had every intention of dining. In a 2017 interview, she told famed chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay she had been turned away from one of his restaurants for not following the established dress code.

Why was Rita Ora turned away from a Gordon Ramsay restaurant?

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L: Rita Ora | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for SVEDKA Vodka, R: Gordon Ramsay | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit

Ora is known for her fashion sense. The singer regularly turns up to red-carpet events and performances rocking the very latest looks, from corset tops and stunning dresses to chic trousers and sky-high heels. However, when Ora tried to eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, her fashion sense got her turned away. In a 2017 roundtable interview with Jonathan Ross, Ora revealed to her fellow guest Ramsay that her outfit was deemed inappropriate for the restaurant’s dress code.

As reported by People Magazine, Ora told Ramsay, “Well, actually, funny little story. I mean, I was wanting to, I mean like everybody else that wants to go eat in a Ramsay restaurant and then, I just didn’t get in. I went in. However, she notes she “wasn’t dressed the part. I walked in and was like ‘Ooh I’d love a little, like, meal, you know?’ and they were just like, ‘No, this isn’t happening for you.'” Ora noted that she was wearing a tracksuit and sneakers. So her outfit didn’t meet the dress code.

What did Gordon Ramsay say about Rita Ora being turned away?

In the television appearance, Ramsay asked Ora which of his restaurants turned her away. But the singer refused to admit which one it was, not wanting to get the staff in trouble. She did admit, however, that she wants to go back to one of Ramsay’s restaurants in the future. “You know what? One day, can I just ask now, can I come to one of your restaurants?” she asked Ramsay.

“Yes, you can,” the famed chef told Ora. His remarks caused the crowd to erupt with applause, as reported by People Magazine. It is unclear whether Ora has since returned to one of Ramsay’s properties, or whether she opted to change out her signature style for the visit, in order to closely adhere to the dress code.

One of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants has a strict dress code


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Ramsay is one of the most prolific chefs in the world. He has 18 restaurants in London and another 17 internationally, according to his official website. Every restaurant is its own distinct experience. But Ramsay’s restaurants are known for being high-end, and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London has a very strict dress code.

According to the restaurant’s website, guests are required to dress “smart.” Jackets are preferred, and no T-shirts, sneakers, or sportswear of any kind are accepted. With Ora admitting she was wearing sneakers, it would seem her dress code violation was due to that specific item.

However, certain of Ramsay’s restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsay Burger in the U.S., don’t have a posted dress code and seem to be more casual in nature. Ultimately, fans who are lucky enough to be visiting one of Ramsay’s restaurants should plan ahead by looking up the restaurant’s website for dress code information, or calling the restaurant in question to ensure that they won’t be disappointed when they arrive.