Rita Ora and Taika Waititi Reportedly Got Married in a Secret Ceremony

Singer Rita Ora and actor and director Taika Waititi have been in a largely private relationship since 2021. Their relationship has moved fast: they were engaged less than a year later, and reportedly married just a few months after that.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi
Rita Ora and Taika Waititi | Samir Hussein/WireImage

They quietly got engaged

A source close to Rita Ora and Taika Waititi first told The Sun in June 2022 that the two stars were getting ready to walk down the aisle. But unlike other celebrities, they wanted to keep the ceremony as low-key as possible.

“This isn’t about them doing a big showy thing and crowing about it beforehand,” the source said. “It’s just about them being in love and deciding the time is right to formalize their relationship. They couldn’t be happier.”

According to the source, they proposed to each other at the same time, so getting engaged was a natural progression of their relationship. “They didn’t do a whole, ‘Will you marry me?’ thing and an Instagram post,” the insider said. “There’s no ring or big build-up. They just got closer and closer and eventually said to each other almost simultaneously, ‘I want to marry you.’”

“It’s actually really romantic and just exactly the way they are together.”

They reportedly got married in a private ceremony

In August 2022, The Sun reported that Ora and Waititi got married out of the public eye. Not only that, but Ora changed her name to Rita Waititi-Ora.

“It was a really intimate ceremony and super-special for everyone there,” a source close to the matter said. “Their nearest and dearest can see how madly in love they are.”

In spite of the months of speculation about the status of their relationship, they’ve yet to make an official announcement of their wedding or release photos of the occasion.

“Despite living in the spotlight, Rita is determined to keep the relationship as private as possible and didn’t want to make a big song and dance about the wedding,” the source said. “A big, showbiz-style bash is planned to celebrate, but don’t expect to see it being flogged to the highest-bidding magazine.”


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They wanted a low-key wedding

A source first told The Sun in June 2022 that their plan all along was to have a low-key engagement and ceremony.

“The plan is to marry abroad, as soon as their respective projects end, with their closest friends and family around them,” they said. “And then there will be a big celebration in London at a later stage, when they get the chance, with all their famous friends there. But for now it’s about getting down the aisle and making things official. 

“There are a few details to iron out,” the source added, “but it’s coming soon and it’ll be beautifully intimate and perfectly them.”