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On June 14, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS announced their plans to shift their focus to solo projects for the foreseeable future. In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, RM of BTS went into great detail about where he stands creatively at this point in time.

RM of BTS at the 2022 Grammy Awards
RM of BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

RM of BTS wants to find a balance between himself and BTS

On June 10, BTS released an anthology album called Proof. The album celebrates BTS’ nine years as a band and brings on a new chapter in the band’s history.

Following the release of the album, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were each interviewed by Weverse Magazine.

In his interview with Weverse Magazine, RM shared some insight about what he wants to accomplish, saying:

“I feel like there’s definitely some things I should say instead of just exploring my personal depths. I’m certain that I have some things I need to say but I never seem to be able to do it. Everything I ever got as a result of being a part of this group was something I would never be able to get if I were on my own, so I’m not really confident about the things I have to cope with on my own. So I need to think about living as myself and as a part of BTS. BTS is family to me. We have to be on each other’s side in times of crisis, and we have to face the happy stuff and the sad stuff together. I need to think about what we need to do in between those times.”

The BTS rapper wants to make his ‘own path’

While they are focusing on solo careers right now, the members of BTS have assured fans that they will release music as a group together again.

In his interview with Weverse Magazine, RM shared his desire to forge his “own path” as an artist.

“I think I just have to keep on following my own path. It’s the one thing I know for sure. I think I’ll just have to keep on drawing to find out if what I’m drawing is an elephant or not. It’s the one thing I know, and I don’t know anything else. (laughs) I understand how hard it would be to always be open about myself, but I think if I can just keep it up, the sincerity will come through,” said RM.


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What BTS fans can expect from RM’s solo music

As a solo artist, RM has already released two solo mixtapes. In his interview with Weverse Magazine, RM shared that he wants to show his “sincere self” in his future music.

The rapper told Weverse Magazine:

“Ultimately, if you don’t want to have any lingering feelings or regrets, you have to try. If you don’t, you’ll never know, right till the day you die. In the end, I think I just need to do my own thing, and I have to see it through by making it into something real. To use my mixtape as an example, I called out the rapper side of me I wanted to show off in 2015 and I brought up my personal idols in 2018 again so I could express my darker, gloomy side that I had been wanting to show. But now I’m hopeful and thinking that, maybe in 2022, it might just be enough to convey something while being purely my sincere self.