Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram Is Basically an Ode to ‘Iron Man’ — and We’re Not Mad About It

Robert Downey Jr. made the role of Iron Man what it is now. Though Avengers: Endgame may have given Tony Stark a different ending than fans expected, Downey’s love for the character lives on in social media land.

Why Robert Downey Jr.’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not be over entirely

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Recent fan theories and Marvel leaks suggest Tony Stark may live on through Artificial Intelligence. Though nothing is confirmed, the hologram of Stark, shown in Avengers: Endgame, could’ve been something Stark created before his death.

That means Downey could reprise his role as Iron Man in future Marvel films or at least in cameos. Only, he’d appear in the form of AI or holographic means.

There’s also a lot of comic book canon that might provide a few ways Downey theoretically could make his way back into the universe — especially with so many more films slated for production and release. While AI wouldn’t be Tony Stark, per se, it’s something.

How does ‘Iron Man’ live on through Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram page?

One glance at Downey’s Instagram page and you can clearly see how proud he is of his work in the MCU (as he should be). Not only does he hang with MCU’s Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), but it looks like they might actually be close in real life.

The caption on his latest with his costar suggests the two aren’t just friends — they’re family: “#happybirthday #brother #Favs @jonfavreau #legend #happy [camera emoji] @jimmy_rich”

Favreau isn’t the only MCU friend Downey posts about. There are photos of all his castmates. For instance, he keeps the Iron feeling high with a post honoring Gwenyth Paltrow’s (she plays Pepper Potts) birthday.

That captions says: Here’s to another one ’round the [sun emoji]. Hope your birthday is as [fire emoji] as you are @GwynethPaltrow … #happybirthday #HBD [cake emoji]”

This isn’t the first time Downey and Paltrow have shown their admiration for one another. In a re-post by Beth Stern, Downey is seen holding a gray cat (probably for his new film, Do Little), with the caption, “Helen Rose and I having a little heart to heart… #leschats#cat#cats#dolittlemovie#2020.”

One of the top commentators is Paltrow herself.

“You look super cute,” she said. “I love that haircut.”

Downey doesn’t only post about his co-stars. There’s Iron Man fan art, behind-the-scenes footage, photo ops with kids from charities he works with, and even a shot of Downey with the MCU legend himself, the late Stan Lee.

What’s up next for Robert Downey Jr.?

Aside from a rumored cameo in the 2020 MCU film, Black Widow, Downey has a few projects up his sleeve. Do Little comes out in 2020 as well, with All-Star Weekend, Sherlock Holmes 3, and a John Brinkley biopic scheduled. The man stays busy.

This is especially impressive because Downey’s only had five movies that weren’t MCU-related over the last decade, according to his IMDb page. It’s no wonder his Instagram page is posed to show his gratitude for the franchise that reinvigorated his career. That said, we love you 3,000, Mr. Stark.