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‘The Batman’ Prequel Series Set in the Gotham City Police Department May Feature 2 Key Characters, Both Are Allies to Commissioner Gordon

The Robert Pattinson ‘Batman’ expands into TV series with an untitled HBO ‘Gotham PD’ show, but cast listings for 2 characters allegedly hit the internet. While the Gotham City Police Department has expanded in DC Comics over the years, two particular characters could fit the bill for some exciting plots and twists.

As if the Robert Pattinson Batman failed to make big enough waves, DC announced that HBO Max would create a prequel show for the film. Very little information about the Gotham City PD cast or plot remains available. However, casting calls for the two lead characters have allegedly hit the internet with some enticing hints.

Jeffrey Wright plays Commissioner Gordon in HBO Max's 'Gotham City PD'
Jeffrey Wright | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Commissioner Gordon remains one of the few confirmed characters

The show remains either behind tight lips or very early in production.

“One possibility is that Jeffrey Wright will reprise the role of Jim Gordon that he is set to play in The Batman movie. If the movie/TV crossover develops, then it’s also possible that other characters in the film are played by the same people in the show,” Tech Advisor reported.

The HBO Max prequel tie-in to Pattinson’s The Batman does not have a formal title yet.

However, alleged descriptions for the two leads in the Gotham City PD cast made their way online.

“The lead female character is black, 35-45 years old, and a former detective who becomes the new Gotham District Attorney. The male lead is a 30-40-year-old white police detective who works for Commissioner James Gordon,” the Illuminerdi reported.

While the Gotham City PD casting calls appear vague, a few key details could reveal the identity of the two Commissioner Gordon allies.

Gotham City PD looks to cast a District Attorney and a police detective

The key details about the two roles lie in their job descriptions.

Gotham’s District Attorney in HBO Max’s Gotham City PD series is a woman and former detective. The Illuminerdi then suspected that DC’s Janice Porter best fit this description. After Harvey Dent turned into the villainous Two-Face in the comics, Janice became Gotham’s new DA.

However, she butted heads with Commissioner Gordon. The rivalry could lead to some interesting plotlines, as the two characters pull in different directions to try and fix Gotham.

The male seems much broader. Over the years, several Gotham City PD detectives have aided (or hindered) Batman’s fight against crime. However, rumors point to Marcus Driver as the specific detective in question.

Marcus has ties to another Batman villain, Mr. Freeze. When Freeze killed his partner, he became determined to catch the villain without Batman’s help.

As the series looks to cover Pattinson’s first few outings as Batman, Marcus holding a personal race against the Dark Knight could make for even more exciting plots.

What will the Gotham City PD face in the HBO Max series

While it has no ties to the Gotham TV show, its plot feels very familiar.

“The setting will be Gotham’s beleaguered police department, which is riddled with corruption. In comes Jim Gordon, who takes on the daunting task of cleaning up the force while also dealing with the crime epidemic across the city,” Tech Advisor said.


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Then the main change comes with Bruce Wayne already donning the cape and cowl. Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the Gotham City PD cast have corruption and deal with a new vigilante.

“While the movie will catalogue Batman’s second year as Gotham’s hero, the series will cover his initial outings,” Tech Advisor reported.

While HBO Max’s Gotham City PD comes not long after the end of Gotham, fans wait excitedly to see how the two shows differ or complement each other.