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Fans of DC superheroes got another take on resident Gothamite Batman. The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as the protagonist, and people are curious about his performance. He took over the role after Ben Affleck left the DCEU. 

For a moment, Pattinson thought he would lose his job when the cast list had leaked. He still got the chance to wear Batman’s suit. All his hard work in getting the right voice was not in vain either. 

Robert Pattinson is Bruce Wayne in ‘The Batman’

robert pattinson the batman
British actor Robert Pattinson arrives to attend the 11th Annual Governors Awards gala hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on October 27, 2019. | Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

In the upcoming Batman film, Pattinson will portray reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne. Like in previous adaptations of the comics, Bruce wanders Gotham City as a masked vigilante. The character will have some flaws and uses crime-fighting to cope with his childhood trauma. 

Pattinson is the latest actor to bring the superhero to life. The actor had wanted to have a shot at being Batman for a while. He kept asking the director to consider him for the part. Now, he will be the face of the newest DCEU movie. 

Some people are hesitant about seeing Pattinson as the stoic Bruce Wayne. Many fans still remember his role in the Twilight saga. Even the actor himself could not believe he had secured the role. Others are interested as to how he will depict the vigilante. 

Nevertheless, Pattinson felt thrilled to see himself in the hero costume. However, he revealed that the suit consisted of heavy rubber. He had to learn how to work it right to avoid it looking ridiculous to the audience. 

How long did it take for Robert Pattinson to get the voice right?

Pattinson opened up about other aspects of portraying Batman. One of them has to do with the character’s voice. According to Insider, Pattinson talked about the process of getting the tone right during a Q&A. He and the director went through a variety of voices. 

“It was a lot of trial and error,” Pattinson explained after a recent screening. “I think I was cast about seven or eight months before we started shooting and so I was experimenting with a lot of different things.” 

Pattinson tried different voices for a while until it felt more natural. He and the director managed to decide on something. The tone felt like “a progression from other kind of Bat voices.” Pattinson began to sound organically more like Batman the longer he wore the costume. 

“I have to say that one of the amazing — many amazing things about Rob — is he has such incredible technical control of himself,” the director said. “He could do things with his voice, it was a crazy thing. I was like going, ‘Oh, you can go lower.’ And then he would. I was like, that’s amazing.” 

‘The Batman’ has Batman fighting the Riddler during his early years


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The plot of The Batman has the Riddler as one of the main antagonists. The villain targets the citizens of Gotham City, and Bruce pursues him as Batman. Of course, Carmine Falcone and the Penguin make an appearance. 

While Bruce tries to bring the Riddler to justice, he discovers how his family has ties to the city’s corruption. The movie is not supposed to be another origin story for the hero. The story takes place when the character is in his 30s. 

A comic arc inspired the direction of the film. Viewers will see Bruce during the first couple of years as a masked vigilante. He is still settling into the persona of Batman. 

The movie shows a more vulnerable Bruce, and the theme focuses on the nature of heroism. Other cast members include Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Andy Serkis.

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