Robert Pattinson Auditioned For ‘The Batman’ Dressed as George Clooney ‘From the Waist Up’

Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, and Paul Dano released to a widely positive reception. However, long before Pattinson and Kravitz locked down the role as Bruce Wayne and Catwoman in The Batman, they had to go through their auditions. And Zoë Kravitz hilariously recalled a camera test where Robert Pattinson was dressed as the George Clooney Batman from Batman & Robin, but only “from the waist up.”

'Batman & Robin' actor George Clooney with his Batman suit which Robert Pattinson wore for his screentest
‘Batman & Robin’ actor George Clooney with his Batman suit | Colin Davey/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson wore George Clooney’s Batsuit from ‘Batman & Robin’ during a camera test with Zoë Kravitz

Camera or screen tests are filmed auditions to ensure actors are suitable for a role. Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz filmed a memorable on the Catwoman actor remembered during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“I flew out to LA to meet Matt Reeves, the director and loved him. I loved his vision. He’s a wonderful human, a wonderful director. He cares so much,” Kravitz said. “I just wanted to work with him.”

Kravitz said she knew Pattinson from “around” the film industry “but never worked with him.”

“I’m a huge fan of his work,” Kravitz said about Robert Pattinson. “I had a camera test with him, and that was kind of funny just to camera test with someone you know dressed up as Batman, and you haven’t seen them in a while.”

However, while it was funny enough for her to reunite with Pattinson in a superhero suit, it was only half-complete.

“They put him in, I think, George Clooney’s suit,” she said.

Zoë Kravitz recalled Robert Pattinson wearing George Clooney’s batsuit with sweat pants

It took a moment for Kravitz to adjust to seeing Robert Pattinson decked out in George Clooney’s batsuit.

“But then you kind of catch up, you know?” she said. “You’re like, ‘So how you been?’ [He’s] like, ‘I’m Batman.’”

Jimmy Fallon tried to set the scene, asking Kravitz if she saw him already suited up when she went in for the camera test. She said yes, but there was one hilarious catch.

She said he was dressed as the George Clooney Batman “only from the waist up, by the way.”

“He was wearing sweatpants at the bottom,” she laughed. She nicknamed the look “Casual Batman.” Fallon joked that hopefully, they could see the look in The Batman sequel.

The Catwoman actor said he disappeared into the role

After seeing Robert Pattinson in the George Clooney Batman suit, Kravitz worried that she would not get over thinking about Pattinson dressed up as the Dark Knight.

“He was so good,” Zoë continued. “I was so scared that I was gonna just be thinking like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Rob dressed as Batman. That’s weird.’ But he was so wonderful that I totally forgot it was him actually, which was really impressive.”

And in the Matt Reeves’ movie, the two proved to have incredible chemistry.

Depending on how a sequel goes, fans hope to see even more from the DC Comics duo in the future.

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