Royal Expert Says Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Considering More U.S. Visits and Prince Harry Might Be a Factor

TL; DR: 

  • Boston is hosting Prince William’s Earthshot Prize in December 2022. 
  • A source told royal expert Omid Scobie that Prince William wants his work to be recognized outside the U.K. and “royal bubble,” which is why he and Kate Middleton are considering more U.S. visits.
  • Omid Scobie speculates that “competitiveness” with Prince Harry could also be a factor. 

More trips to the U.S. for Prince William and Kate Middleton might be on the horizon. Royal expert Omid Scobie says the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be after a “slice of American pie.” William reportedly wants a “presence” in the U.S. “charity landscape.” Meanwhile, Scobie speculates it might be related to “competitiveness” with Prince Harry.

Prince William’s Earthshot Prize is going to Boston

Boston, Mass., is the location of William’s 2022 Earthshot Prize. In a video posted to his and Kate’s official Twitter account on July 20, he revealed the east coast city will play host.

“In 2022, we’re back and bringing Earthshot to the USA where we’ll award the next five winners of the Prize,” William said. 

The video then cut to Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox, who helped William finish the announcement. “And we will be doing it right here in Boston,” Bogaerts said from the outfield at Fenway Park.

“The @EarthshotPrize is back and this year, we’re heading to Boston! Five more winners. Game-changing solutions. More potential to save our planet. Boston, we’ll see you in December #EarthshotBoston2022,” the video’s caption read.

Previously, the Earthshot Prize awards were held in London, England. William and Kate attended, meaning they’ll both likely be in Boston for the 2022 ceremony. 

A royal expert says Kate and William are thinking about spending more time in the U.S. on charity work 

In a July 27 Yahoo News UK column, Scobie, the outlet’s royal executive editor, shared the U.S. could see more visits from William and Kate.

“William is keen for his work to be seen and have impact outside of the UK and the royal bubble,” he quoted a source as saying. “The charitable landscape in America is huge and he wants to have a presence.”

Additionally, the Finding Freedom co-author noted he’d been told “recon” is already in the works for activities in Boston, including a possible Washington, D.C. trip.

Scobie also added sources told him there have already been conversations about a possible fundraising dinner. 

“And who can blame them?” Scobie wrote. “Interest in the royal family on the world stage has long been an essential asset to Britain’s appeal abroad.”

Prince William’s ‘competitiveness’ with Prince Harry might play a role

“Though the source made no mention of it, I wondered if a little competitiveness with his brother might be in the mix, too,” Scobie wrote. 

The Duke of Sussex relocated to the U.S. in 2020 with Meghan Markle after they stepped down from their roles as senior royals. Now they have a home in Montecito, Calif., where they live with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. 

Scobie went on, saying Harry’s received positive recognition stateside while his popularity has dipped in his home country.

Harry’s popularity in Britain may be suffering, but his rise in the U.S. has seen the Archewell Foundation receive huge attention from an impressive list of donors, and his charitable efforts and campaigning has quickly seen him acknowledged by the likes of Forbes and TIME, who named him and Meghan two of the world’s most influential people.”

What about the possibility of a William-Harry meet-up in the U.S.? A royal commentator dismissed the idea after the brothers didn’t seem to spend any time together during Platinum Jubilee weekend. 

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