Royal Fans Mock Prince Harry and Accuse Duke of Copying Prince William’s Speech at UN

Following Prince Harry‘s speech at the United Nations, some fans noted that what the Duke of Sussex said is very similar to what Prince William said one year earlier during a speech he gave. Now, Harry is being mocked for his lack of originality and for “copying” his older brother’s words.

Prince Harry’s UN speech was very similar to one Prince William gave in Scotland

If you plan on giving a public speech that will end up online, copying what another high-profile person said before you is not a smart thing to do (think Melania Trump-Michelle Obama). But apparently, Prince Harry didn’t get that message.

On July 18, 2022, Harry and Meghan Markle were in New York City to observe Nelson Mandela International Day and Harry delivered a speech to UN members.

The Sussexes were met by several protesters in the Big Apple. One woman held up a sign that read: “Mandela spent 27 years behind bars in SA. Markle spent 18 months in castles and complained on TV during a pandemic. Why are they here?” Inside the General Assembly Hall, the duke spoke about Africa and mentioned Princess Diana saying that he sought “solace” on that continent after she died. He also said Africa is very special to him because it’s where he knew he found a soulmate in his wife.

After his speech was posted online a number of fans pointed out that it sounded familiar. That’s because in 2021, Prince William delivered a speech at the Church of Scotland and said he found “solace” in that country after his mother died. The Duke of Cambridge went on to explain just how special Scotland is to him because it’s also where he met his future wife.

Royal fans accuse Harry of lacking originality and ‘copying’ his brother

One Twitter user posted a clip comparing both speeches and several people accused Harry of copying William’s speech; some even dubbed him the Duke of Plagiarism.

“Prince Harry just copied and pasted Prince William’s 2021 Church of Scotland Speech,” one user wrote.

“WOW! So he plagiarizes as well,” a second person tweeted. A third added: “Have nothing to say don’t say BUT don’t copy your brother’s speech.” While another posted: “Of course he did. I bet he’ll claim he wrote it first!”

A fifth person poked fun at Harry writing: “He’s like maybe people won’t remember this from a year ago.” And a sixth said: “He’s even trying to speak like William.”

Another person recalled that the Duke of Sussex allegedly ripped off his big brother’s words before writing: “I knew I’d heard that before. It isn’t the first time that he has copied William. Years ago William said that he was angry by all these people wailing at his mother’s funeral because she was his mother and they didn’t know her. Years later Harry used his words in an interview.”

(L) Prince Harry, whose been accused of copying his brother;s speech, delivers remarks during award ceremony in London, (R) Prince William delivers a speech during dinner at the Royal Palace in Norway
(L): Prince Harry delivers speech during award ceremony in London | Paul Edwards / POOL / AFP via Getty Images, (R): Prince William delivers a speech during dinner at the Royal Palace in Norway | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Others mocked Harry for speaking in a ‘nearly empty’ room

Only a few UN members were in attendance during Harry’s speech. When the footage of a nearly empty room was shared, some social media users mocked the prince for that as well.

“It was to a packed house,” one user sarcastically commented.

“The big UN speech today was a bust for Harry! Room was almost EMPTY!“ a second person noted before another added: “Harry addressing an empty UN assembly today. Folks must be on vacation, or not interested in what he had to say.”

The Sussexes were there for an informal gathering as the GA does not come back until September.

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