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Prince Harry and Prince William have always had different personalities, but growing up, they looked out for each other. When William met and married Kate Middleton, she became like a sister to Harry, and the three of them got along well.

Still, by 2019, cracks had started to show in Harry and William’s sibling bond, leading the public to realize the two weren’t getting along. These days, Harry and William hardly speak. But those close to the royals think there is one person who might be able to bring them together — and it isn’t someone in the royal family.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William | Dominic Lipinski/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William and Prince Harry’s mentor could help them reconnect

Harry and William reportedly got on rocky terms after Harry met Meghan Markle and wanted to explore different ways of presenting himself in the royal family. Harry didn’t like the paparazzi or fanfare, and his wife dealt with bullying and negative press. But William didn’t like Harry’s wish for change, and things went south between them.

Express reports that one man, Mark Dyer, could be the person who helps the brothers reconnect. Dyer has spent plenty of time with the royals and used to be one of Charles’ officers. His son even had a role in Harry and Meghan’s wedding. And according to insiders, both William and Charles looked up to him through the years.

“Mark can always be relied on to talk sense into Harry and will be a stoic under-the-radar support for Harry in what has the propensity to be a stress-inducing time for him,” an insider told The Times, via Express. “He also has the benefit of knowing what it’s like to live through a cancer diagnosis.” Harry even mentioned Dyer in Spare, where he affectionately called him “Marko” and said that he was “the most dashing” of any of his father’s “people.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry
Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry | Nicky J Sims/Getty Images for Royal Foundation

Prince Harry Spent 45 Minutes Speaking to King Charles After Flying to London, Sources Claim

It will take a lot for Prince Harry and Prince William to regain trust

Harry and William, as far as we know, don’t speak often. And it could take plenty of conversation to get them on the same page again. Harry recently visited the U.K., and as reports suggest, he did not meet up with his brother. Harry did spend about 45 minutes speaking with King Charles, likely about the situation and how it would be dealt with, but nobody ever spotted him visiting William or Kate Middleton, who is currently recovering from abdominal surgery. The consensus is that Harry and William didn’t make time for each other.

Harry and William do have young kids, and if they want their children to have a relationship, then they will have to work something out. Plus, as Charles goes through treatment, Harry and William might have to work together to help him with certain royal matters. For now, though, it appears Harry has once again made a trip to the U.K. without speaking to his brother.