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HBO Max shook things up in the world of reality TV dating when the streaming platform gave us FBoy Island Season 1. In this series, it’s possible for the bad guys to win while leaving the women looking for a chance at love in the dust. But, what are the rules for FBoy Island Season 2? Did the rules change from season 1? Here’s everything you need to know.

Did the rules change in 'FBoy Island' Season 2? Nikki Glaser and the three leading ladies for season 2 sitting in chairs in front of the ocean.
Did the rules chance in ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?

What were the rules in ‘FBoy Island’ Season 1?

In FBoy Island Season 1, the series introduced fans to three women tasked with weeding out the FBoys from the Nice Guys. Twenty-four men showed up in the first episode; 12 were self-proclaimed FBoys, and 12 were self-proclaimed Nice Guys. Whichever of the men made it to the finale had two options. They could choose to split the money and walk away with the woman who chose them and begin a relationship, or they could keep all of the $100,000 for themselves. 

During the finale, Nakia Reneé and CJ Franco’s men chose to split the money with them and pursue a relationship outside of the show. Sarah Emig’s choice, Garrett Morosky, shocked everyone when he decided to dump Sarah and take the money and run. However, host Nikki Glaser pulled a fast one and only let Garrett revel in that daydream for a few minutes. Just as Garrett thought he won the entire cash prize, Glaser announced that instead, the series would donate all that money to a charity of Sarah’s choosing.

What are the rules in ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?

Fans disagreed on Garrett’s fate in the first season, with some believing the last-minute change to donate the money to Sarah’s charity was a ripoff. They thought since he played the game by their rules and won, they should let him keep the money. Now, it looks like producers of FBoy Island Season 2 heard their complaints.

FBoy Island Season 2 operates almost the same as season 1 with only a few changes. First, Glaser says the men actually do get to walk away with the entire cash prize at the end, if they choose. Second, this season features the return of a couple of supposedly “reformed” FBoys – Peter Park and Casey Johnson. Finally, the producers continue to bring more men in as the others get eliminated. All of this together is the perfect recipe for messy reality TV, which we love.


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Elan Gale says ‘ghosting’ inspired the initial concept behind ‘FBoy Island’

Elane Gale previously worked as a producer on The Bachelor, the grandfather of all reality TV dating shows. ABC’s wildly popular franchise focuses on the romantic aspects of finding a partner, but FBoy Island is entirely different. It focuses on the seedy sides of the dating world.

Talking to TV Insider in 2021, Gale said, “Dating shows need to be reflective of the society in which dating is taking place, and I think that we’ve hit a really interesting point in the last few years of endless options and choice paralysis. It was time to make a show that addressed what people that I know talk about when it comes to dating, which is people ghosting them. I’d say it’s the number one complaint that I actually hear from people I know. And as a result, we felt like, why are we not making a show about this very problem?”

Check out FBoy Island Season 2 on HBO Max with new episodes streaming on Fridays.