Rumored ‘Loki’ Cameos Leave Fans Frustrated and Unhappy

Loki has finally made it Disney+, and so far, fans have been taken on a wild ride. Viewers learned a lot about the Time Variance Authority, the effects of time travel, and what could happen if anyone messes up the Sacred Timeline.

It was a lot to decipher in only one sitting, and fans might be set for a wild ride this season. To add to that, writers teased big cameos for the new season, and as much as fans love a good cameo moment, some are not happy with the ones on the way.

Loki altered time by time-traveling

In Avengers: Endgame, fans watched the Avengers travel through time to obtain the Infinity Stones. While doing so, they revealed to audiences that time travel wouldn’t matter. This would seem contradictory to anyone familiar with events in Loki.

Loki ended up in the Time Variance Authority because he did the exact thing the Avengers did in Endgame. However, his case was different because, in the film, the timeline had the Avengers traveling through time since they were supposed to.

However, when Loki escaped from the Avengers’ capture in 2012, he unknowingly altered how events were supposed to happen, including his escape from capture. His flight was made possible after he stole the Tesseract, which ended up changing the timeline.

The Time Variance Authority wiped the moment in time when the villain first appeared outside of the moment of his escape. However, it seems there is something much bigger at play. Agent Mobius M. Mobius told the God of Mischief that the events in his life before he escaped the timeline were inevitable.

According to Mobius, Loki was born to cause pain and suffering, and his efforts inspire people to be better. This means that Loki has to go through everything that happened in the MCU. Fans recall that Loki died tragically in Avengers: Infinity War while protecting the Infinity Stones and his brother Thor. As if his death in that period wasn’t enough for his fans, they will seemingly have to sit through it yet again.

What about the Mystery Loki?

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston | John Phillips/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

When Loki premiered, fans were immediately made aware of another Loki who had been causing damage in the historical timeline. Mobius informed Loki that he might have saved him from being ‘reset,’ but he can’t offer him salvation. Oddly enough, Loki seems to be at peace with the fact that he might be beyond redemption.

This may be because Mobius let out that the TVA needs Loki’s help locating the villain’s mysterious variant. It would be interesting to learn how Loki’s character would grow since he technically hasn’t gone through the events that led him to become the villain in the first place.

Loki also revealed that he ultimately became the same person since he first appeared in the first Thor. He doesn’t find joy in hurting people. However, if he wants to make things easier and the world a better place for others, he has to cause pain.

Still, Mystery Loki seems to be doing a good job thus far in evading the TVA. There is a likelihood that if Loki were to meet his fellow villain, they might join forces, mess up the TVA and end up creating a far less sad ending, like Loki giving up his life for the good of the universe.

The rumored cameos have fans upset

Recently, the show’s head writer teased fans by mentioning that they would see some big cameos throughout the series. This announcement didn’t sit well with fans, as some took to Reddit to announce their frustration with the cameos.

A section of fans feels like the showrunners are setting fans up for disappointment. Others think the producers are using clickbait to get them to watch the show. One fan asked, “seriously, why even ask a question he’s not allowed to answer?”.

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