RuPaul Releases New Song ‘Blame It On The Edit’ Dissing ‘Drag Race’ Queens

RuPaul, the famous drag performer, entrepreneur, singer, and creator of RuPaul’s Drag Race, just released a new track that has fans reeling. 

The song, titled “Blame It On The Edit,” hits back at the contestants on his show who blamed editing for their words and actions. Here’s everything you need to know about the song and how fans are reacting. 

RuPaul wears a blue suit and spreads his arms wide in front of a pink background.
RuPaul | Randy Holmes/ Getty Images

RuPaul made history at the 2021 Emmy Awards

The famous drag queen, whose full name is RuPaul Andre Charles, made history at the 2021 Emmys as the host, creator, and executive producer of the competition reality television show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

By earning his 11th win at the awards show in September, Rupaul broke the record for the most Emmy wins by a person of color. The award that solidified his place in Emmys history was for Outstanding Competition Program. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race is the most-awarded reality competition show at the Emmys. This year marked the series’ 4th Emmy Award win in a row for the category. The other nominees this year included CBS’ The Amazing Race, NBC’s The Voice, Bravo’s Top Chef, and Netflix’s Nailed It!.

RuPaul is also the first drag queen ever to have an insect named after her. Entomologist Brian Lessard was inspired to name the Australian soldier fly after the famous drag queen while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and he said it was an “obvious decision.” The fly is named after RuPaul because it has a “costume of shiny metallic rainbow colors” and “legs for days.”

RuPaul released a new ‘diss track’ about the stars of ‘Drag Race’

RuPaul is gearing up to release a new album, and the first single has fans eagerly anticipating the entire body of work. The shady track’s title is “Blame It On the Edit.”

The song and its accompanying music video, which came out on Friday, Oct. 8, claps back at RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants and fans who blame what they see on the show on producers.

“She wanna blame it on the edit, you the one who said it,” state the lyrics. “Go on and take the credit, b—-. You the one who said it, b—-. How you gon’ regret it? Blame it on the edit, blame it on the edit.” 

The “edit” the song refers to is the much-rumored “villain edit” that Drag Race contestants and fans say producers give when they decide to portray certain performers as evil.

“You already know who I am, you know what the f— I do,” the lyrics continue. “So why they all in my house, they lying on my production crew. Baby, nice to know if they throw you a bone, you the type coming back with a attitude. I ain’t cha enemy, keep that same energy. You the only one tryna sabotage you.”

There is no official release date yet for MAMARU, the title of RuPaul’s upcoming 14th studio album. 

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Fans are showing mixed reactions to the song’s shady lyrics

Most commenters on the music video show support for RuPaul’s new song.

One fan wrote, “I love the vibe and the music. A lot of queens always blame Ru for everything but without Ru, they will never be anyone, we wouldn’t have any drag tv programs, drag con, sold out drag shows in big theaters and tours. Rupaul started the whole drag race wagon and careers for so many drag queens on her show.”

Another showed support for the Drag Race creator by saying, “Wowww what a flex and reminder by using the vintage footage of Ru. It’s like ‘look b—-, I’ve paid my dues, you’re lucky to even have a platform to showcase your talent on. If you don’t wanna be part of a reality show, then don’t be apart of it’ 😂😂”

But on Twitter, some commenters are criticizing the shady lyrics. 

One Twitter user named specific queens while attacking the song. “was the edit not real when pandora box literally didn’t exist in as6, or when they edited vivacious to look annoyed at gia in s6, or when you told pearl it only matter what she says when the cameras are rolling, or when you made kandy ho non existent in season 7. i can carry on.”

Another said that villain edits can endanger the show’s contestants. “The edit is real Tho, and it has given green light to Messy fans to threaten Queens physical integrity, so…….”

And some users simply don’t like the song. One commenter wrote, “Okay everyone is talking about the edit thing but is anyone going to talk about how bad these lyrics are or….”