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The wait is finally over, Drag Race fans. It’s time for the Snatch Game. This challenge will be similar to the “Snatch Game of Love” created for All-Stars 4, but still include plenty of twists and surprises. Here’s our summary of the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 5.

[This article contains major spoilers from RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 5. Read at your own risk, squirrel friends!]

The queens discuss the lip-sync double-win and Mayhem Miller’s elimination

After returning to the Werk Room, the queens discuss Mayhem Miller’s elimination from All-Stars. Miz Cracker says that now, it’s a tight competition. Some ask how India is feeling about being in the bottom and she says that because it was a potential double elimination, she was pretty nervous. 

Miz Cracker goes through the lipstick votes and it’s unanimous. Even Mayhem voted for herself. Shea Couleé doesn’t like that mindset — she doesn’t want the others to give up! After “untucking,” the queens reenter the room and Miz Cracker wipes off Mayhem’s mirror message. Then, they find out what this week’s challenge is. It’s the Snatch Game of Love! 

The queens don’t waste any time getting ready for their performances. Jujubee shares pictures of her cats and explains that Eartha Kitt will be the perfect Snatch Game for her… even though it’s been done twice before. For Shea Couleé, she has a giant clock and is ready to portray Flavor Flav.

During the walkthrough with Ru, Alexis is playing Astrologer Walter Mercado and Ru seems like she’s into it. Ru is not into India’s choice, Jeffree Star, who she explains she needs to make funny. Blair St. Clair is also having some problems, as she wants to portray Ellen Degeneres. (Jujubee and Alexis and whispering in the corner while she debates potentially changing her character.)

Shea Couleé performs onstage during 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 9 Premiere Party
Shea Couleé performs onstage during ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 9 Premiere Party | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

It’s time for an ‘All-Star’ version of the Snatch Game!

The main challenge begins and viewers find out who Miz Cracker picked, the Italian from New York herself, Lady Gaga. Miz Cracker as Lady Gaga sits alongside Alexis Mateo (Walter Mercado) and India (Jeffree Star.) It becomes very clear that Alexis is doing the best and she’s chosen by the “Snatchlor” in the end.

The next set of contestants enter the Snatch Game of Love. Blair decided to stick with her Ellen Degeneres and, as time goes on, it looks like it’s not paying off. Shea Couleé (Flavor Flav) and Jujubee (Eartha Kitt) on the other hand are riffing off of each other and making Ru and the Snatchlor for this round, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, laugh.

Flavor Flav is the winner of her group’s Snatch Game, chosen by the Snatchlor. However, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman ends up running off with RuPaul as the challenge ended. The queens waste no time getting ready for the runway, as the category is Prom Queen Fantasy.

Each queen gives their high school-inspired looks, but Shea Couleé turns up with a look inspired by the season 9 crowning rose moment. She shared that she felt like she was a joke after losing, but RuPaul reassures her that she’s a winner, baby. In fact, she’s the winner of this week’s challenge. Then, Ru drops the second gag of the season: “if you’re not the top All-Star, you’re in the bottom”


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On the runway, the category is: Prom Queen Fantasy

This was a pretty huge announcement from RuPaul. As a result, the queens go back to the Werk Room to deliberate. After Shea brings up that Alexis voted her off and Alexis haphazardly tries to defend herself, Shea says that her mind is already made up. (Would she just send Alexis home like that?)

Then, however, India pulls Shea aside and things get even more interesting. India tells Shea that not only did Alexis vote for Shea to be eliminated, but she (and Mayhem) were actually campaigning to other queens to vote Shea out of the competition.

Shea goes right back to the group and brings it up to Alexis. Alexis says that’s a lie. In fact, it’s very funny that India brought it up when she was about to be eliminated by Shea. India says she’s telling the truth and Shea deserves to know.

Alexis can’t take this anymore and walks away from the group to the mirror and Jujubee follows after her. Jujubee asks Alexis if she’s lying and Alexis promises she’s not. Why would she “campaign” only to India? Jujubee believes her. Then, the queens each pick their lipsticks and head back to the mainstage.

Shea, as the top All-Star, must lip-sync to earn the power to eliminate one of the queens in the bottom. RuPaul ruveals who the lip-sync assassin is, and it’s Alexis’ daughter, Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo! Alexis is a little embarrassed, especially if Vanjie is holding her lipstick. After performing to “Open Your Heart” by Madonna, Shea is the winner. The gag of the episode: she picked India to go home. India Ferrah sashays away.