‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’: Season 5’s Best Lip-Syncs, Ranked

Now that iconic queen Shea Couleé has been crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5, it is time to look back at the season’s lip-syncs from worst to best.

As opposed to prior All Stars seasons when the two top queens of the week would face-off in a Lip-Sync for Your Legacy, a lip-sync assassin was tapped each week to perform against one top queen of the week.

Lip-sync assassins are former queens who are known to have memorable performances or won a large number of their lip-syncs during a season, eliminating many of their fellow queens. 

Note: This list will not include the finale lip-sync against Couleé, Miz Cracker and Jujubee.

Shea Couleé in 2017
Shea Couleé in 2017 | Paul Morigi/Getty Images

7. Miz Cracker vs. Kennedy Davenport – “Fancy”

Nothing was worse this season than seeing Davenport, one of the franchise’s most lauded performers, be relegated to perform a country song. And it’s not that country songs can’t be performed on drag race — they can and some of them are even a great fit! But in the words of Alyssa Edwards, there was some Rigga Morris going on here!

6. Shea Couleé vs. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – “Open Your Heart”

Though this wasn’t a “bad” lip-sync per se, but many fans just couldn’t get over why Miss Vanjie was brought back as an assassin, as she isn’t regarded as a lip-sync assassin in the fandom. She also didn’t do bad in the performance, but Couleé clearly out-performed her and won this match handily.

5. Jujubee vs. Monét X Change – “Juice”

Jujubee may have been a lip-sync assassin on any other season, but this time, she didn’t know the words to Lizzo’s “Juice.” Still, this was a fun time and Monét X Change’s performance made a lot of us realized that she is actually a lip-sync assassin even if we were confused at first by her showing up. After this, I’m sure a lot of viewers looked up her performances from season 10 and All Stars 4, including her iconic split fake-out from the former.

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4. Miz Cracker vs. Roxxxy Andreews – “One Last Time”

Overall, this lip-sync wasn’t that exciting from a wide view of it…but Roxxxy Andrews was here to make it clear that she was going to leave an impact on All Stars 5! She came prepared with all of the gags and literally overshadowed everything that Miz Cracker had to offer.

3. Miz Cracker vs. Morgan McMichaels – “Where Have You Been”

There is a conspiracy theory on Reddit that this lip-sync was actually filmed twice because the show’s producers wanted it to be a tie when McMichaels was clearly going to be the winner. Regardless, it’s clear that she was the best one in this and it is still odd that both of them were given a win. Let’s be real, McMichaels was so good, it made us forget she’s not actually a lip-sync assassin.

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2. Shea Couleé vs. Alyssa Edwards – “Neutron Dance”

Alyssa Edwards delivered such a rare, seemingly low-energy (for her) lip-sync that led fans to believe she was paid to lose this match-up. However, this can’t take away from the fact that Couleé left it all on the stage and performed the heck out of this song, making up for how weird this lip-sync may have seemed.

1. India Ferrah vs. Yvie Oddly – “Livin’ la Vida Loca”

The very first lip-sync of the season was the best one. This lip-sync is RuPaul’s Drag Race at its best. Though not an “assassin,” Oddly has given the franchise some memorable lip-syncs. The season 11 winner showed up like she had something to prove and so did India Ferrah. Unfortunately, Ferrah couldn’t keep up with Oddly, but wow this was a great one.