‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Latrice Royale Says This Is the First Time She’s Been Able To Vote in 20 Years

Latrice Royale from RuPaul’s Drag Race recently revealed that the 2020 election will be the first time she is able to cast a vote in more than two decades.

Latrice Royale
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Royale joined others who were voting for the first time for various reasons in a video for Grindr. One of the individuals in the video was too young to vote during the last presidential election. Another person just became an American citizen. One individual simply thought the last election was a lock and didn’t vote.

For Royale, whose real name is Timothy Wilcots, the reason this will be a first time voting is that Wilcots is an ex-felon. Wilcots was incarcerated for illegal substances and violating parole, according to USA Today. Wilcots was released from prison in 2007 but because of Florida laws, voting privileges were never restored until now.

Latrice Royale can’t wait to vote

“Because in the state of Florida, as a convicted felon, your voter’s rights are stripped away from you,” Royale explains in the video, My First Time Voting. “Up until recently, with the passing of Amendment 4, I wasn’t allowed to vote. My rights have been restored and I’m now a proud registered voter.”

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“Not being able to vote in over two decades felt horrible,” Royale says. “You feel less than a person, you’re less than human. You don’t have a voice. The people who need the most help are the ones who don’t have the voices. I feel like people take voting for granted all the time. Like, ‘Eh, I’m not into politics.'”

“Well if you are into having a wonderful, fulfilling, beautiful, bountiful life, then you need to get involved in the people who are leading you,” Royale adds. “And leading this country. We need change so fast. And like four years ago we needed it. And here we are and I feel like our country is suffering and we are so torn and so split. We need someone in the office who is going to lead and unite us once again.”

Wear something fashionable to the polls, honey

“If you have a voice and you can vote, and you’re not planning to vote, you’re part of the problem,” Royale says. “And I’m just saying it to be real. Like I couldn’t imagine having a voice and choosing not to use it.”

“Get to the polls,” Royale urges voters. “And make it fashionable. Put on your hot pants, your booty shorts. Whatever you need to do. November third! Get up, looking sickening and grind the vote!”

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Royale shared with USA Today why it is important to be open about being an ex-felon. “I try to keep it light and fun. But there are important issues that we need to discuss. Around the world, around the globe, I speak to my experience,” Royale says. “I share the details of what went down. From my demise to my success. And teach people that they can overcome obstacles. My audiences around the world know my life.”