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The Werk Room is about to be a lot more crowded. In this episode, the queens break off into new teams to tackle acting challenges. Here’s our Ru-cap of the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

[This article contains major spoilers from the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. Read at your own risk!]

Ellie Kemper with 'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestant Rosé
Ellie Kemper with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestant Rosé | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for HP

The queens meet each other for the first time

The “Winner’s Circle” is hanging out in the Werk Room, ready to finally meet their competition, or lack thereof, according to Tina. Then, Elliott gets a brilliant idea — she should hide because the “Pork Chopped” queens still think they voted her off. The Winner’s Circle agrees and Elliott slips away just before the Pork Chopped queens walk in.

It’s mixed emotions, especially because the Winner’s Circle is starring the others down so harshly. As Denali points out, though, the Winner’s Circle has nowhere to go but down. Then, to stir the pot, Tina brings up Elliott and the Pork Chopped queens say what happened. No tea, of course. 

As Elliott pops out from her hiding spot, though, she’s ready for some drama. She couldn’t believe it was unanimous and she starts singling out Tamisha. Tamisha isn’t that girl, though, so just as soon as the drama started, it’s squashed.

However, with both groups together, the competition is just getting started. While kiki-ing around the table, Kandy asks who’s single and immediately gravitates toward Joey Jay. They’re interrupted by RuPaul, who shares what the challenge is this week.

They’ll be acting in holiday specials in teams decided by RuPaul. (Oh yeah, and eliminations are back on the table.) The first team is Denali, Elliott, Kahmora Hall, and Olivia Lux, who will act in the Valentine’s Day-themed special, Misery Love’s Company.

LaLa Ri, Rosé, Symone, and Utica will be over-acting in God Loves Flags. That means the third team is Gottmik, Joey Jay, Kandy Muse, Tamisha Iman, and Tina Burner who will be in the special titled April Fool’s Rush In. 

The teams get to werk

The first group to run their lines is Misery Love’s Company and Denali is ready to stand out, so she grabs the main part. The issue is that she might’ve underestimated how many lines she has. Kahmora, in the same group, is having problems focusing because Elliott’s voice is seriously bothering her. 

Rosé hears Tina acting and says she’s worried Tina will steal the show. She has to be bigger Then, RuPaul catches up with the God Loves Flags group, asking why Utica and Rosé voted for Elliott. 

Utica explains that she gives off warm energy and Elliott gives off cold energy. When RuPaul asks Utica if she ever smoked, the contestant makes a bunch of faces and RuPaul dies laughing.

With the April Fool’s Rush In group, RuPaul asks Kandy if she’s an actor and she says she acts like she likes the other queens. Tamisha does her best Cher impression and Gottmik talks about her great memory. 

It’s time for some acting

When it’s time to film these scenes with Ross, some queens are shining, (like Rosé and Tamisha,) others are forgetting their lines, (like Utica and Denali,) and Kahmora, who said “I was rooting for us” for what felt like forever, just doesn’t get it. 

Before they know it, it’s elimination day and Gottmik and Tina help their sister, Kandy Muse with her Train look for the runway. While they’re painting, Symone talks about her going to prom in drag.

Some of the girls say they dated women and Tamisha brings up her biological children. Tamisha’s drag name is actually after her biological daughter, whose name is also Tamisha. 

On the mainstage, category is ‘Trains for Days’

After strutting the runway, the judges watch the trailers for these RuPaulmark movies. First is Misery Love’s Company, where Olivia Lux steals the show, as does Jeffrey Boyer Chapman, who makes a surprise appearance.

God Loves Flags is next. Symone was the main character, making RuPaul and the other judges laugh throughout the skit. (Rosé was hilarious, too.) April Fool’s Rush In was the last production. Kandy Muse makes the judges laugh as a clown and Tamisha, with her Cher voice, kills everyone. 

While getting critiques, the judges say that Kahmora is beautiful, but she was really struggling during the challenge. Of the queens in the top, Kandy Muse and Rosé stood out.

The winner this week, however, is Symone. Denali and Kahmora are the bottom two and now have to lip-sync for their lives. After performing “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters, Kahmora sashays away.

New episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere on a weekly basis on VH1.