‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 13 Episode 12 Recap — The Nice Girls Roast Featuring Valentina, Heidi N Closet, and Nina West

Tina Burner might’ve sashayed away during last week’s episode, but there are a few Drag Race alumnis returning to the runway for a reading challenge. Here’s our summary of the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, titled “Nice Girls Roast.”

[This article contains major spoilers from the 12th episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. Read at your own risk!]

Rosé, Lagoona Bloo, and Jan Sport of 'Stephanie's Child' and 'RuPaul's Drag Race'
Rosé, Lagoona Bloo, and Jan Sport of ‘Stephanie’s Child’ | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queens pair up for a makeup mini-challenge

Last week, after lipsyncing against Utica Queen, Tina Burner sashayed away. Utica can’t even believe it. She “thinks” Tina deserves to stay. At the same time, though, she considers herself somewhat of a “lipsync assassin.” 

Miss Symone has two wins, though, so both she and Rosé are feeling confident. Then, RuPaul sashays into the Werk Room and has the queens pair up for the mini-challenge. With one queen acting as the arms and the other as the face, they’ll be showcasing a new palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

After applying some questionable products, Rosé and Kandy Muse are the winners. For this week’s maxi-challenge, RuPaul says that there’s always room for kindness in the world, but there’s also always room for shade. 

The contestants will be doing a roast of the past season’s Miss Congenialities — Heidi N. Closet, Nina West, and Valentina. Rosé and Kandy Muse will decide the order. The queens break off to work on their reads.

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Rosé and Kandy Muse decide the order

Kandy Muse and Rosé break off to discuss their placement in the roast which is, in the words of Rosé, “iconic.” Kandy and Rosé both want to open but they both definitely do not want to close. Rosé decides to take a risk and go last.

The final order, the two decide, is Kandy, Symone, Utica, Gottmik, Olivia, and then Rosé. Symone totally realizes that the duo put themselves in the hardest roles but hey, it’s not her problem. The rest of the contestants get their materials ready.

Utica says that she’s most worried about Olivia. Meanwhile, Rosé is talking to herself. Kandy Muse, after getting some shade from Rosé about her “safe” placements, is ready to finally win a challenge.

The ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queens run their material by Michelle Visage and Loni Love

The queens run their roasts by Michelle Visage and Loni Love. Kandy Muse tries to slow her roasts down. Gottmik is just really nervous, but Visage tells her she has some funny material.

Olivia Lux is also nervous, but about being too nice. That seems to be the problem when she runs her jokes by the judges. Rosé needs to shorten her set, but the judges are excited. Symone’s reads are complicated. Utica’s are just a little mean.

Before the queens know it, it’s “roast day” and the queens get ready in the Werk Room. Olivia Lux’s plan is to shock the judges. Rosé just loves making people laugh. Then, it’s time for the roast, where Nina West, Valentina, and Heidi N Closet are in attendance.

It’s time for the the ‘Nice Girls Roast’

Kandy Muse starts the roast off strong, but things take a rocky detour with Symone, who stumbles through a few jokes. Utica completely offends almost everyone at the roast, including RuPaul.

Gottmik is nervous to go next, especially because there’s so much tension, but she slayed it. Olivia Lux, with her “nice girl” persona, got a few laughs. Rosé had the judges (and the contestants) laughing.

After receiving critiques from the judges and their deliberation, Kandy Muse is the winner, with Rosé and Gottmik also scoring high. As the bottom two, Symone and Utica lipsync for their life. After a performance of “No Tears Left to Cry” by Ariana Grande, Utica Queen sashays away.

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