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Ryan Gosling took the internet by storm with his steamy photo as Ken from the Barbie toy line. Gosling is playing Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie alongside Margot Robbie. Barbie may sound like an odd choice for someone like Gosling but he seems excited to be in it and he recently called it the “best script” he has ever read. 

Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in the ‘Barbie’ movie

Barbie actor Ryan Gosling attends a special screening of The Gray Man in London
Ryan Gosling | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Barbie is an upcoming movie based on the popular doll by Mattel. The movie stars Margot Robbie as Barbie along with Ryan Gosling as Ken. The cast is rounded out by Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Emma Mackey, and America Ferrera. The movie is being directed by Academy Award-nominee Greta Gerwig who is co-writing the movie with Noah Baumbach. 

While story details are still under wraps, the internet has been losing it over set photos and videos of the cast filming the movie. Various photos and videos have included Robbie and Gosling on roller skates in hot pink outfits. There are also many photos of the cast posing in their eccentric outfits. 

Gosling praises the script for the ‘Barbie’ movie

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Gosling shares why he joined the Barbie movie as Ken. After Fallon joked that Gosling’s love of jean jackets is what led him to join the movie, Gosling says it was the “best script I’ve ever read.”

Fallon then held up a photo of a Ken doll lying down in the dirt next to a lemon, which Gosling says he found in his backyard. This is what convinced Gosling to play Ken. 

“I walk out in the backyard and do you know where I found Ken, Jimmy?” Gosling asked. “Face down in the mud next to a squished lemon. I texted it to Greta and I said ‘I shall be your Ken for his story must be told.”

Gerwig is known for directing more serious dramas such as Lady Bird and Little Women. Her taking on a Barbie movie is a drastic change of direction in her career, but she could have a genius take on the character that needs to be shared. 

Gosling feels that Ken is an underappreciated toy


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During his interview with Fallon, Ryan Gosling addressed the Barbie photo that broke the internet of him in a denim jacket with his six-pack on display. 

“Well, you know, the internet’s been trying to break me for years, so it gave me no other choice,” Gosling joked. 

Ryan Gosling says he was surprised by some of the shocked reactions by the internet because he believes that nobody actually cares about Ken. 

“I was surprised by how some people were kind of clutching their pearls about my Ken as though they ever thought about Ken for a second before this,” Gosling said. “They never cared about Ken. They never played with Ken. Nobody plays with Ken…He’s an accessory and not even one of the cool ones.”

Barbie arrives in theaters on July 21, 2023.