‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’: What Is Beth Broderick’s Net Worth?

Many millennials grew up seeing Beth Broderick on the screen in hit TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Hearts Afire, and Lost, and those from younger generations may have seen her during her small role in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. Beyond these shows, Broderick has plenty of TV and film credits spanning across several genres. Read on to learn more about who Beth Broderick is, her long career in show business, and her estimated net worth. 

Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick smiling in front of a white background
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Who is Beth Broderick?

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Beth Broderick was born in Kentucky in 1959, and she was raised in Southern California. Like many in show business, she took an interest in acting from a young age. After graduating from high school, Broderick enrolled in the American Academy of Arts when she was 18. Eventually, she relocated to New York City to pursue acting. She broke into the industry in 1983 by getting cast in two adult films, and she has appeared in several TV shows and movies, and her career has remained incredibly steady since then. Aside from her acting career, Broderick is involved in charity work. She is married to Scott Paetty, a fellow actor known for his roles on Beverly Hills 90210, Sweet Justice, and Savannah. The two currently live in Austin, Texas.

Beth Broderick’s career trajectory

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Broderick’s career trajectory can be a bit confusing, as she has adopted two different names while working in the entertainment industry, Elizabeth Alice Broderick and Norris O’Neal. Aside from two films in 1985 and 1986 that are credited to Norris O’Neil, however, Broderick has been billed with her original name. According to IMDb, Broderick played small parts in many movies throughout the ’80s and ’90s, having credits in movies such as Man of the Year, Maternal Instincts, and French Exit. She also made appearances on several popular television shows, such as Married… with Children, Hearts Afire, and Supernatural. 

The role she is perhaps best known for is Aunt Zelda in the popular TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. During the show’s 141 episodes run over seven years, Broderick’s character provided plenty of heartfelt lines and witty humor, bringing a high degree of likable personality to the show. Broderick also directed three episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Since that show concluded in 2003, Broderick has appeared in Cold Case, Under the Dome, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, and more recently The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She has also co-written A Cup of Joe, Wonderland, and Literatti

What is Beth Broderick’s net worth?

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Beth Broderick’s estimated net worth stands at $3 million. Fortunately, Broderick has placed great emphasis on using her wealth to give back to the community when possible. HuffPost reports that Broderick founded MOMENTUM, an organization in New York that provides assistance to people with AIDS. She also helped found the Celebrity Action Council of the City Light Women’s Rehabilitation Program, which focuses on helping homeless women with substance abuse by providing educational programs and other services. 

Broderick is also heavily involved in political campaigns, serving as a volunteer and fundraiser for many candidates over the years. According to HuffPost, Broderick was involved in both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, and she has organized major fundraising events that have raised over $700,000. Broderick has also contributed several political pieces on HuffPost since 2011, clearly displaying her passion for politics.