‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’: Does Sabrina End Up With Harvey or Josh?

TV shows such as Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch became hits in networks in the ’90s and amassed large viewership throughout their entireties. Sabrina the Teenage Witch showed a family who had out-of-this-world capabilities but still struggled with human problems.

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The Melissa Joan Hart-led series also involved some serious romantic relationships between the titular character and her love triangle involving Harvey Kinkle and Josh Blackhart. But who among the two boys does Sabrina end up with?

Who does Sabrina end up with?

When Harvey reached his spell quota, it essentially meant that Sabrina and other witches couldn’t use any more magic on him. After realizing that Sabrina was a witch, he called things off and got written out of the show. Sabrina and Josh got together for a brief period, and things between them got even more complicated when Harvey reappeared.

However, Harvey and Josh move away, which crushes Sabrina. She moves on with a man named Aaron, to whom she gets engaged. In the show’s finale episode, Sabrina called off the engagement and ran off with Harvey at 12:36 pm, which was when they met in the pilot episode. The ending to the show is similar to the one in the comics, as Sabrina ended up with Harvey in the comics.

Harvey and Sabrina met twice, sort of

Harvey and Sabrina met when the former hit the latter with a football on the head. However, this occurrence is altered when the Witches’ Council (upon Sabrina’s request) turns back time for the lead character to relive the day. This time Sabrina catches the ball, and Harvey goes to apologize to her.

The two start hanging out together at The Slicery, their favorite pizza parlor, but Harvey is still too shy to ask her out. He eventually gathers enough courage to ask her out, and they become a couple. After the first kiss, Harvey turns into a frog, and Sabrina learns that she has to pass the True Love test so that Harvey can revert to human form.

Harvey learns of Sabrina’s secret after Roland traps her. Sabrina’s aunts Hilda and Zelda, tell Harvey the truth but give him a potion so that he would forget everything after they’ve helped Sabrina defeat Roland. Both Harvey and Sabrina go home in total honesty, but he soon forgets about the whole ordeal due to the potion.

In the second season, Harvey and Sabrina’s relationship starts cracking because of Sabrina’s studying for a witch license while balancing her other responsibilities. They, however, take a temporary break when both of their guardians agree that they should see other people. They make up after Sabrina chooses him when confronted with choosing between Harvey and Dashiell Calzone, whom Sabrina had started seeing.

Josh and Sabrina met at his coffee house

John was the manager at a local coffee shop. He and Sabrina met when he hired her to work at the coffee house. Although they started things off as friends, their relationship soon grew as Sabrina had a massive crush on him.

She tried to ask him out, but their age difference made Josh reluctant. After realizing that he would miss out on her, Josh asked Sabrina out, but it was too late as she had already rekindled her romance with Harvey. Josh worked to win Sabrina’s affection, and his and Harvey’s rivalry culminated in a literal obstacle that the two had to complete to save Sabrina.

Harvey and Josh end up working together, and Sabrina realizes she still has to make the decision. However, the spell meant to erase their memories after the events kick in, but it only affected Josh.

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