Sally Field and Davy Jones Were a ’60s It Couple – but She Also Said He Harassed Her While High

Oscar-winning actor Sally Field has had relationships with high-profile partners throughout her Hollywood career. From a few years with Burt Reynolds to a few dates with Johnny Carson, she’s been linked to some of the biggest names in pop culture — even one of The Monkees.

Though Field’s romance with Davy Jones wasn’t serious or exclusive, he looked back on it fondly. On the other hand, Field shared a story about how Jones and a couple of his bandmates made her uncomfortable when they were high. What did each star eventually share about the other?

(L) Davy Jones smiles in a close-up c. 1967 | (R) Sally Field smiles in a close-up c. 1965
(L) Davy Jones | Bettmann (R) Sally Field | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Monkee Spectacular said Davy Jones and Sally Field were a thing in 1968 — just not exclusive

The issue of Monkee Spectacular from February 1968 contained an article called “The Truth About Sally Field and Davy Jones.” It claimed the two enjoyed spending time together but they weren’t going steady exclusively.

That publication was very pro-Monkees — hence the name — so, it is possible some things were exaggerated for fan effect. But they published quite a few quotes of Field gushing over the “I Wanna Be Free” singer. Both stars were in their ‘20s and enjoyed “talking with and getting to know people,” including each other. Monkee Spectacular said they weren’t “ready to be tied down in either marriage or with a steady date.”

At the time, Field said of Jones, “I first met Davy when he crowned the winner of the Miss Teen International Pageant at the Hollywood Palladium. But that night I only got to talk to him for a few minutes.”

However, she eventually was able to spend some time with him. She said, “When I saw Davy at the studio I thought he was so neat. What’s great is that when we got talking, I found we had the same sense of humor. We laugh all the time and just goof around.”

But Field’s 2018 recollection of Jones and other members of The Monkees sounds different than the account given to Monkee Spectacular. And that’s because Jones supposedly said something rude that Field didn’t understand at the time.

Sally Field said some of The Monkees harassed her while high

According to Field’s 2018 memoir, In Pieces, some of The Monkees pestered her while she was working on The Flying Nun. Worse than that, she said Jones once made a sexual comment to her in front of others. But she didn’t understand it, so she just agreed.

According to her, The Monkees were high at the time and were openly snickering at her, which made her uncomfortable. But at some point she realized what Jones meant — and that she’d embarrassed herself by unknowingly agreeing.

Fan reviews of the book were not kind to Jones. The uncomfortable scenario does align with some of what he said in his own tell-all, They Made a Monkee Out of Me. According to Jones, it was common for some of the foursome to drink and do drugs of various sorts — and to not always remember their unchecked antics.

But many years later he seemed to look back on that time with Field more warmly than she did.

Davy Jones claimed he gently held hands and kissed with Sally Field

Sally Field standing with Davy Jones of The Monkees c. 1967
Davy Jones and Sally Field (far right) | Max B. Miller/Fotos International/Getty Images

According to Parade, Jones said his time with Field was very wholesome. “It was all clean living, holding hands, kissing and gentle behavior,” he said. That was apparently opposed to drug-fueled hookups, as Jones admitted he occasionally woke up with a stranger unsure of how he got there.

And according to Monkee Spectacular, Jones thought Field was “a very groovy girl” back in the ’60s. But he died in 2012 and therefore did not respond to her 2018 memoir.

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