Sandra Bullock Threatened to Leave A Movie If This Co-Star Wasn’t Cast

Sandra Bullock movies are typically stacked with popular co-stars. Bullock has shared top billing with big-named actors in films like Gravity, Speed, and the star-studded Ocean’s 8. With her long resume as an actor, the Crash star has worked with almost every mega actor under the sun.

But there was one up-and-coming superstar that Bullock took quite a fancy to. So much so that the Oscar winner quipped she’d end up leaving this particular film if her newfound partner wasn’t cast.

A history of Sandra Bullock’s movie co-stars

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Sandra Bullock’s list of movies has had many prolific co-stars during her historic career, many of whom she’s bonded with off-camera. George Clooney, who’s known Bullock for 20 years, described The Blind Side actor as funny. In an old Reddit AMA, Clooney further praised his Gravity co-star as being charming and smart, while quipping that she drinks a lot. Likewise, Bullock has also had flattering things to say about Clooney.

“He was always the funniest dude in the room,” Bullock once said according to Sheknows. “He would have a little tequila and do a wicked Buddy Hackett impression that would make you wet yourself.”

Hugh Grant called his Two Weeks’ Notice co-star “brilliant” in an interview with Elle.

And many know about the dormant romance between Bullock and Keanu Reeves that had never been actualized. Bullock had a huge crush on Speed co-star Keanu Reeves, and could barely finish the movie because of it.

“I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was and how handsome he was,” Bullock once told Ellen about The Matrix star.

She even recalled how she’d giggle and swoon whenever Keanu would look at her. She assumed that Reeves wasn’t interested in her at the time, only for Reeves to reveal later on that he had a crush on her, too.

Bullock certainly has a history of co-stars leaving an impression on her and vice versa. But there was one new actor that charmed Bullock with his kindness, and she was determined to work with him by any means.

The Sandra Bullock Netflix movie ‘Bird Box’ wasn’t going to happen without Trevante Rhodes

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix movie Bird Box allowed her to bond with another co-star in Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes. As is the case with some of her onscreen partners, however, Bullock bonded with Rhodes before they shot director Susanne Briers’ Bird Box, where Rhodes plays Bullock’s boyfriend.

According to GlobalGrind, Rhodes’ character was written in such a way it impressed Bullock.

“You write this human being and in the time of the big MeToo thing, you get to experience a glorious man that I go, ‘That’s the man I want. That’s the father that I would want my children to have,’” Bullock said. “I wanted more of a love story, Susanne wanted more of a love story. I missed love stories, you know? So she says, ‘I want you to meet Trevante,’ and I’m like, ‘OK.’”

When Bullock met Rhodes, she was immediately impressed by his kind spirit and good nature. Bullock and Susanne being fans of Moonlight also endeared them to the actor.

“We were all in Moonlight heaven at that time and we sat down…I remember where he sat, I remember how he looked, and it’s how he looked right now,” Bullock said. “You want your leading man to be the leading man that you want to just ride off into the sunset with. You also want that leading man to be someone you trust with your children.”

Bullock was incredibly moved by Rhodes’ presence, and GlobalGrind alleges the actor wasn’t going to do the project if he wasn’t hired.

“I walked away and I said, ‘If we don’t cast him, if we don’t make this deal, I’m just gonna…’ I was very dramatic,” Bullock said. “But to me, I said this is the story I want to tell and I want this human being to be my ride or die in the process.”

Trevante Rhodes helped Sandra Bullock feel good about herself

Although it was Rhodes’ kindness and talent that nabbed him the role, Bullock and Rhodes have acknowledged there was a friendliness between the two of them. On Today, where Bullock and Rhodes are shown having a good time, their chemistry is on full display. Bullock even quips how Rhodes found her hot when they met, and Rhodes agrees.

“Just say I’m hot,” Bullock jokes with Rhodes. “Cause they’re recording, just say it.”

Bullock went into further detail about how Rhodes’ personality and humor added to their chemistry.

“When you look at him, he’s listening to you,” Bullock said. “And you can make him laugh. He’s the best audience. If I can make somebody laugh, and entertain them, I feel really good about myself. A.K.A, hot.”

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