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Sarah Jessica Parker has been married to Matthew Broderick for quite some time, but in the past, there was another man she’d have loved to have been with.

The Sex and the City star once had quite a thing for Kevin Bacon, whom she worked with on the set of Footloose.

In fact, Parker’s love for Bacon was so strong that she would ride her bike to Bacon’s motel and offer to buy his groceries every day. 

Sarah Jessica Parker had a huge crush on Kevin Bacon

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker is seen on October 15, 2020 in New York City. | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Parker was still new to the movie business and relatively unknown around the time of Footloose’s filming. Only 19 at the time, she had developed a serious crush on Bacon, who was the star of the movie. 

In fact, she was so into the actor that she had put an image of him up on the walls of her room. 

“Kevin Bacon had just come off Diner, and I’d seen Diner like 11 times,” Parker said in a resurfaced 2016 Howard Stern interview. “I had cut out his ad for The [New York] Times for Diner, and I had it on my walls. I was mad for him.” 

She frequently offered to get his groceries  

Parker had a minor role in Footloose but managed to find other ways to make herself useful.

The young actress would wake up every morning and ride over to Bacon’s motel, offering to go pick up his groceries in an attempt to get closer to him. 

“And then when I got the job, I would go on my bicycle every day, we were in Utah,” Parker said. “I would get groceries and I’d knock on everybody’s door in the motel. We were staying at the Rodeway Inn in Provo, and I’d knock on Kevin Bacon’s door and I would say, ‘You need any groceries? I’m headed to Albertson’s.’”

Clearly, Parker’s level of infatuation was a bit beyond reason. 

“I would do anything, I loved him,” Parker said. 

Kevin Bacon had a girlfriend at the time 


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Even though Parker thought she and Bacon could’ve made a great couple, the reality was a bit different. Bacon had a serious girlfriend that Parker wasn’t getting in the way of. 

“You were trying desperately to get a relationship going with him,” Stern said.

“No, he had a girlfriend,” Parker said. 

“But you would’ve loved if Kevin Bacon was your man,” Stern said. “That was your type.”

“I loved him,” Parker said.  

Sarah Jessica Parker called movie sets ‘seductive environments’

Stern then asked if, when working on set with handsome, A-list actors such as Nicholas Cage and Steve Martin, it’s easy for Parker to fall in love with them. Parker had an interesting response.

“That’s part of this magic that can—or sometimes doesn’t—happen, is that sort of like—time suspends,” Parker said. 

In Parker’s opinion, actors step into another world while filming a movie, and romances are more likely to happen. 

“Everything else stops outside this experience,” Parker said. “It’s this sort of alternate universe, and you’re not yourself and you’re contractually obligated to fall in love with this other person, to kiss them, to be intimate. And you’re working late, and you’re hanging out, and there’s a—it’s a very seductive, otherworldly environment. It makes perfect sense that people are constantly falling in and out of love on movie sets.”