Sarah Jessica Parker Says Kim Kardashian Is ‘Very, Very Nice’ and ‘Lovely’

Sarah Jessica Parker was flattered when Andy Cohen told her that Kim Kardashian considers her to be the nicest celebrity she’s met. In fact, Parker feels the same way about Kardashian.

“Well Kim Kardashian is very, very nice,” Parker said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I mean that is for real. She’s very lovely and she’s just very very nice. And that’s reciprocal, like out of not something out of feeling obligated.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian fangirled over each other for years

Parker met Kardashian in 2016 when she took her son to a Kanye West concert. “She was lovely,” she told Daily Mail. “My son is a huge Kanye fan and they were really gracious and allowed him time with Kanye, and that was in large part Kim’s doing.”

Sarah Jessica Parker at a red carpet event stops for a photo. Photographers capture Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian |Rob Kim/WireImage/Gotham/GC Images

Parker especially appreciated how attentive Kardashian was to her family during the meeting. “There was a focus that I witnessed, not just with my son, who she gave a lot of time to, but with everyone in the room,” Parker shared. “She was never looking over her shoulder, she was hospitable and lovely.”

Kardashian even offered to film the meeting using Parker’s phone. “It was so cool to watch her with my phone,” she said. “She took [it] and was like, ‘Let me shoot this whole thing,’ and she shot the whole conversation with Kanye and my son, which was so sweet.”

Sarah Jessica Parker also has mad respect for Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices

Kardashian always manages to make waves on the red carpet or during a celebrity appearance. As someone who has a deep appreciation for fashion, Parker has serious respect for Kardashian’s style. “[She] obviously has enormous influence, and she is more and more aware of what she wants and the images that she chooses to project, which she is in complete control of,” Parker said about Kardashian.

“I think she is a young woman who is evolving all the time and one shouldn’t make a decision about anybody. She is not baked and done — I’m not either — so let her experiment and delight in the choices she has to make and let’s be kind to one another,” she said.

Parker played a game called “Versace or Hibachi” on WWHL. Host Andy Cohen asked her to share if she still loves or regrets past looks. But the total fashionista still loved all of her looks, especially those that had a story behind them.

Kim Kardashian also loved ‘And Just Like That …’

Kardashian wrote on her Instagram story that Parker’s series, And Just Like That … made her “so happy.” via People. She added, “And I’m also really happy that Miranda is a redhead again.” Kardashian also referred to Parker as “the most stunning kindest human being.”

She added in another Instagram story that Parker is her “ride or die.”  

Parker commented on how the show picked up with the characters, who are now in their 50s. “I’m grateful that we’re doing anything that affords conversation,” she said on the WWHL After Show.

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