Sarah Paulson Cracks Open Why People Care About Her and Holland Taylor’s Age Gap

Sarah Paulson is one of the world’s most popular actors, a performer known for her roles in shows such as American Horror Story and Ratched. Paulson has been nominated for numerous awards and is beloved by critics as well as fans for her range, skill at portraying complicated characters, and her bold style. Paulson has also made headlines for her romance with Holland Taylor, another acclaimed actor who has been in the entertainment business for decades. Recently, Paulson opened up about her relationship with Taylor, revealing why she believes people are so interested in their age gap. 

(L-R) Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson smiling
(L-R) Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

How did Sarah Paulson become famous?

Sarah Paulson was born in Florida in 1974. She spent her childhood growing up in Florida and later New York City, and started working as an actor when she was still in high school. By the early nineties, she had begun her ascent to stardom, appearing in a variety of television films and shows like Law & Order, according to IMDb. A few of Paulson’s early, high-profile roles included a part in What Women Want and a scene-stealing role in HBO’s Deadwood

All throughout the early 2000s, Paulson continued her work in television and film. While she received rave reviews for many of her performances, it wasn’t until 2011 that she really made a splash, and became a major Hollywood star — when she appeared in the first season of the anthology series American Horror Story

What is Sarah Paulson best known for?

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Sarah Paulson made her first appearance in American Horror Story in 2011, in the show’s debut season. Over the next few years, Paulson would return for each successive season of the anthology series, playing eccentric, bizarre characters. In 2014, she even played conjoined twin sisters, Bette and Dot Tattler, characters who earned her significant critical acclaim. Paulson’s next popular role was in the 2016 miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Most recently, Paulson appeared in the 2019 film Glass, and as the infamous Nurse Ratched in the 2020 Netflix series Ratched. Paulson’s acting has been praised by critics and fans all around the world, and there’s no doubt that she’s one of the most versatile performers of her generation. Much beloved by the social media crowd, Paulson has still received some criticism for her personal relationships — and recently, she opened up about her romance with the much-older actor, Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson recently opened up about her relationship with Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor first met in 2005, but they did not begin dating until 2015. According to Yahoo, Paulson revealed Taylor actually messaged her on social media, which initiated their courtship. The two went public with their romance in late 2015 and began attending red carpet events together by January 2016. Ever since, the two have been at each other’s side for every event, big and small, and while many fans love their close relationship, some have had negative things to say about the age gap between Taylor and Paulson.

Recently, Paulson opened up in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar about her romance with Taylor, and why she thinks that people have cruel things to say. Paulson revealed that she believes that many people are “unwilling” to confront their own mortality — but also because some people have “ageist thinking.”

Ageism, the stereotyping of people based on their age, is unfortunately still prevalent around the country, but Paulson doesn’t have any use for it. She believes that some people have an idea “that to be old is to cease to have any desire,” but she is not here for it. The actor has gotten used to some haters online, but still doesn’t take well to criticism: “Anybody says anything about any person I love in a way that is disrespectful or cruel and I want to cut a bi***.” Clearly, Paulson is winning in her personal life as well as her professional one.