Sasha Obama Trends on Twitter After Viral City Girls Video: ‘MISS SASHA OBAMA A CITY GIRL’

Sasha Obama has kept a low profile since she and her family left the White House, but she found herself in headlines over the weekend of Oct. 23 due to a post on social media.

She appeared with a friend in a Tik Tok video where they danced and rapped to the Miami rap duo City Girls. The clip left Obama trending on Twitter as fans were thrilled to see her having fun and showing off her personality.

Sasha Obama at an event
Sasha Obama at an event in March 2016 in Washington, D.C. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

See the video of Sasha Obama rapping to City Girls

It’s unclear when exactly the video was posted, but it appeared to be online for a while before social media users caught on to it. The clip was posted to the account @Cakethatsmg and shows Obama and a friend rapping along to Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” remix featuring City Girls and DaBaby.

Obama donned a long tank top with a slit up the middle with jeans and a dark jacket as she and her friend went back and forth rapping the verse from JT of the City Girls. Click here to see the clip.

Malia and Sasha Obama
Malia and Sasha Obama in August 2016 in Washington, DC | Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

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The reactions to Sasha Obama’s City Girls video are excited

Viewers loved seeing Obama letting loose and being a normal teenager. “Seeing that video of Sasha Obama on tiktok rapping City Girls just really warmed my heart,” one person tweeted as another person declared, “MISS SASHA OBAMA A CITY GIRL.”

The clip even caught the attention of JT, who wrote under a post, “It’s the hand movements. She’s feeling herself, so cute 😍💕”

As it continued to circulate the Internet, other clips began popping up that appeared to show Obama and the same friend dancing along to other songs. However, it seems that all of the clips have now been wiped from the aforementioned account.

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What has Sasha Obama been up to otherwise?

Aside from making Tik Tok videos, Obama has been busy with school. At the time of this writing, the 19-year-old is in her second year of college at the University of Michigan. Her mom, Michelle Obama, noted in a September Instagram Live that Sasha and Malia Obama have been studying at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, however.

“My girls are studying from home,” she explained. “We’re itching to get back to campus, but things are just confusing … not quite safe. I’m just glad that they’re staying put, even if they’re sick of me.”

Overall, though, Michelle has said that she’s excited for them to begin forging their own paths in the world. “I’m excited for my girls to grow up and to become independent,” she said on Today (via E! News). “You feel a little melancholy that they will never be the little ones that sit on your lap and listen to your every word and look at you adoringly. Those days are over.”