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Saturday Night Live and the horror genre don’t mix every day. However, one sketch, in particular, managed to do so in a way that had audiences in the palm of its hand. The late-night sketch show tapped into such real fears that some Saturday Night Live fans called the concept the “most terrifying movie to exist,” if it were real.

‘Saturday Night Live’ made a horror movie parody trailer

'Saturday Night Live' host Jack Harlow on horror episode. Harlow is smiling in a baggy suit jacket and pants in front of Halloween-themed set.
Jack Harlow | Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

Saturday Night Live Season 48 Episode 4 brought horror just in time for Halloween, especially in one skit that had everybody talking. Rapper Jack Harlow hosted the show and starred as the episode’s musical guest. A horror movie trailer parody called “2020 Part 2: 2024” featured Chloe Fineman, Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner, Bowen Yang, and Punkie Johnson.

The parody takes stylistic influences from the horror movie hit, Smile, but adds a political twist, where a news broadcast announces that U.S. President Joe Biden will run for re-election in 2024, sending the characters into a panic.

They question his ability to beat Ron DeSantis in the election after winning against Donald Trump. The next gag includes another unnamed character hilariously using a calculator on the computer. They want to figure out how old Biden will be in 2024. However, the answer resulted in her throwing herself back in terror at the answer.

Biden is said to have only claimed to run for re-election to unite the party ahead of the midterms, so the group starts trying to think who should run instead. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and Beto O’Rourke are just a few of the names that get hysterically rejected. However, they finally refer back to Biden.

‘Saturday Night Live’ fans called the horror concept the ‘most terrifying movie to exist’

The Saturday Night Live horror skit “2020 Part 2: 2024” truly resonated with the show’s fan base. They praised the sketch’s writing and noted that there’s “nothing scarier” than modern American politics. Many commenters related to the message about wondering what politician could possibly run for the Democratic Party.

Multiple Saturday Night Live fans called the horror sketch the “most terrifying movie to exist,” if it were to become a real-life feature. Despite the skit’s comedic approach, it brought enough hard-hitting reality for audiences to reflect on the future. Several commenters wrote how they wished that “2020 Part 2: 2024” would become an actual horror flick.

Another user wrote that they weren’t so sure if season 48 would be good after the departure ahead of the new season, but they called it “consistently funny” and “comedy gold.” The concept itself might scare the viewers, but the jokes themselves landed thanks to comedic timing and “good writing.”

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Perhaps the real-life horror movie for the Saturday Night Live cast is the idea of generating a mountain of negative reactions from long-time viewers. Some sketches simply don’t land with audiences, resulting in a very vocal fan base.

However, many folks are able to watch Saturday Night Live and excuse some of its edgier humor as part of the satire. The horror parody trailer isn’t the first time that they poked fun at the modern political landscape. One commenter on the YouTube video noted that this is the version of the show that they missed, where the casn’t isn’t afraid to “have satire about both sides of the political spectrum.”