‘Saved by the Bell’: Why Did Dustin Diamond and His Wife, Jennifer Misner, Divorce?

Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell fame died in February 2021 due to cancer, but he left quite a memorable legacy for TV fans. Diamond played the character of Samuel “Screech” Powers, which fans will certainly never forget. As for Diamond’s personal life, he was married back in 2009 to Jennifer Misner. The couple divorced years later.

So, why did the two split? The answers remain unclear, but here’s what we know.

‘Saved by the Bell’ star Dustin Diamond married Jennifer Misner in 2009

Diamond’s been in the news in the past due to controversial behavior, but his relationships haven’t been too widely publicized. According to Heavy, Diamond tied the knot with Misner in 2009. The two dated for years before marrying. According to In Touch Weekly, the two met on tour when Diamond was in Pennsylvania. As of 2021, it appears Misner still might be living in Pennsylvania

Citytv notes Diamond talked about his married life during an interview back in 2012. Diamond lifted his wedding ring to the camera and noted, “Happy wife, happy life.” He then talked about his desire to have children, as he felt his age (35 at the time) was daunting.

“I’m 35 — I gotta have kids,” he said. “When my dad was the age I am now, I was 13. I’m falling behind.”

In Touch notes Misner and Diamond reportedly split around 2013. Neither of them seems to have spoken out as to why, but there’s a good chance they may have drifted apart. Misner seems to be a very private person, while Diamond lived life in the spotlight.

Dustin Diamond was engaged to Amanda Schutz post-divorce

Dustin Diamond from 'Saved by the Bell' visits 'Extra'
Dustin Diamond from ‘Saved by the Bell’ visits ‘Extra’ | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

While Diamond didn’t start a family with Misner, he continued on in his pursuit of romance with Amanda Schutz. According to Heavy, Schutz was a professional clown. The two appeared to sustain a romance back in 2014 and even got engaged, but they didn’t get married.

Schutz and Diamond fell into some trouble during their relationship, too. The couple was arrested following a bar fight stabbing in Wisconsin back when they dated, Heavy notes. Diamond claimed he refused to shake hands with a woman who was purposely bumping into Schutz, and that’s how the fight started. During the brawl, there was also a stabbing. Both Schutz and Diamond were arrested.

Diamond was ultimately charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety as well as carrying a concealed weapon. Schutz had a disorderly conduct charge.

Dustin Diamond died in 2021 due to cancer

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Diamond died on Feb. 1, 2021, due to stage 4 lung cancer, TMZ reports. A few weeks prior to his death, he was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma, and he completed his first round of chemotherapy. This comes on the heels of being hospitalized in January 2021 for pain felt throughout his body.

A representative for Diamond told TMZ Diamond’s condition was on a steady decline from last week and he was “taken off of breathing machines in an attempt to get him to hospice care.”

In the wake of his death, one thing is for sure: Diamond will forever be known for his incredible role in Saved by the Bell.

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