Saweetie Tells Issa Rae She’s Down to Do a Cooking Show

Saweetie is known for her music, her love story with Quavo, and for some of the interesting things she eats.

The “Tap In” rapper recently got her acting feet wet with a role in grown-ish, dropped a new makeup collaboration with SinfulColors, and partnered with Doja Cat for “Best Friend.”

As fans await her debut album, they’re keeping up with her culinary creations on social media. In a new interview, Saweetie expressed interest in turning her foodie habits into a show.

Saweetie at SiriusXM Hollywood Studio, 2019 | David Livingston/Getty Images

Saweetie posts her unique meals frequently

Though Saweetie has a steady presence on social media, one of the things that gets the internet talking is her food combinations. Where do we start? There are sweet videos where she cooks things up in the kitchen with her family — including her mother and grandmother.

And there are Saweetie YouTube tutorials and ASMR posts where she shares her love of seafood, cheese, and more.

But there are some clips that invite jokes from fans who wonder about her eating habits. She’s done oysters topped with hot sauce + barbecue sauce, drained ramen stirred into a bag of Hot Cheetos, and most recently, ranch dressing on her spaghetti.

Saweetie went viral over the spaghetti combo, with some fans comparing her preferences to a prison diet and others wishing they had an “iron stomach” like her. She’s being a good sport about people teasing her.

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Saweetie is open to doing a cooking show

During her new interview with Issa Rae for Apple Music, Saweetie discussed some of her favorite female rappers, her music, and her penchant for food. When the Icy Girl admitted she’s put out music that she wasn’t too proud of, Rae joked that maybe she really wants to be a chef.

She brought up the ranch and spaghetti mix and noted that it’s a “West Coast” thing but asked Saweetie if she would ever consider a cooking show. “Honestly, when’s the show coming out? Can we produce it?” Rae asked. She wondered if anyone else pitched the concept to the rapper.

Looking shocked and amused, Saweetie replied, “I mean we’ve talked about it but if you’re producing it, then hey.” Rae promised to follow up about the idea, so fans shouldn’t be that surprised if it comes to fruition.

Saweetie also gave an update on her album

Though the pandemic put some things on hold, Saweetie had time to put more work into her upcoming debut album, P.R.E.T.T.Y B*tch Music. She told Rae she thinks the project will have more than 17 songs and in quarantine, she’s had the chance to really hone her sound.

“I used to struggle with my sound. I didn’t know how to properly deliver. I didn’t know what inflection was,” she revealed.

She said she connected with producers who are aligned with her, and she’s really excited for fans to hear her new music. “I think this is a time for people to get to know me through my music,” she said. Look out for Saweetie’s new album in the coming months.