Saweetie’s Ramen Recipe Has an Unexpected Twist

Saweetie might be best known for her stunning looks and her raps, however, she’s also a massive foodie. From seafood mukbangs to dishing about her favorite meals, if there is one thing the USC alum is going to do besides rap, it’s eat.

Born Diamanté Quiava Valentin Harper, the 26-year-old rose to fame back in 2017 with her song “ICY GRL.” Though Saweetie first began to fall in love with music because of J.Cole, she didn’t take it seriously for quite some time. In fact, she considered using her communications degree to become a newscaster.

In the end, Saweetie decided music was it for her and she’s been rising through the ranks ever since. Thankfully, her carefree personality has also allowed us an inside look into some of her favorite foods, including her super strange Ramen recipe.

Saweetie is obsessed with gum

Though Saweetie has never given us the inside scoop on her favorite dessert, we do know that one of her absolute favorite sweet treats is gum. Earlier this year, the “Tap In” rapper told New York Magazine,

Everyone who knows me knows I love gum. I unconsciously chew it so obnoxiously — it’s kind of like my thing. You can hear me coming around the corner. I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka when I eat it. The flavor is just so good, and even when it runs out of flavor, I still like it. I’m weird. I love chewing it when I’m chilling at home. I chew it until my stomach hurts.

Saweetie’s brand of choice is old school. She loves the Dubble Bubble Tub, Original Flavor.

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This was Saweetie’s favorite meal in college

Though the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has allowed her a bit more downtime to cook, Saweetie’s favorite meal in college was her grandmother’s recipe for chicken adobo. The star ingredient is star anise. The “My Type” rapper revealed,

I made my lolo’s chicken adobo a lot. I haven’t recently because I’ve been working so much, but I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not get tired. It’s something that I love to cook, but I always have to be on the phone with her or my mom — not because it’s tricky, I just always want the dish to be perfect. The one thing you absolutely cannot forget is the star anise. It’s a little plant that you have to pick apart. If you don’t have that in it, it’s not going to taste like adobo.

Saweetie’s ramen recipe is unexpected

One of Saweetie’s go-to recipes these days is her unusual remix on ramen. After adding hot water to a cup of noodles, Saweetie dumps in a ton of cajun seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, seasoning salt, and tabasco sauce. She then mixes it all in before straining the water in the sink.

Though the sodium levels are a tad alarming, no one was shocked until the High Mantience rapper dumped the newly strained noodles into a massive bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and proceeded to eat them together.

Saweetie’s boyfriend, Quavo, was equally alarmed when he responded to her video saying, “I got food otw you ain gotta do it like that nomo.”