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Bay Area artist Saweetie is still on the rise after her breakout hit “Icy Girl” helped launch her into superstardom and its follow-up “My Type” gave her a boost.

A TikTok and Instagram darling, she’s consistently been dropping music for the past three years and is a fixture on social media. And this December, the rapper was recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 music stars.

Some fans are enamored with her relationship with Quavo from Migos, many love her music, and others frequently compliment her looks.

Saweetie’s shared a few of her tricks for makeup and skincare, but she recently revealed another hygiene secret about herself that many may not know. She avoids using deodorant and prefers a different option.

Saweetie attends Instagram’s GRAMMY Luncheon, 2020 | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Saweetie’s regularly dishes on her beauty routine

This year alone, Saweetie was tapped several times by outlets such as Vogue and Marie Claire to share her beauty rituals. Back in February, she did a skin and makeup tutorial for Vogue where she laid out some of her favorite products to get a beat face.

In August, she spilled some of her secrets to Marie Claire, praising Tatcha’s face mask and Ole Henriksen’s toner. She also talked about her mom being her main beauty inspiration.

Saweetie skips deodorant but uses a natural alternative

Fans may be a little familiar with some of Saweetie’s beauty tips or even supporters of her cosmetics collaboration with Morphe, but the rapper just gave another peek into her regimen.

A fresh video with Elle magazine took viewers on a ride for her morning routine. And there are lemons involved.

But first, Saweetie shared that she starts her day with positive affirmations about gratitude. After washing her face, she cracked open her mini skin cabinet that’s stacked with various products and a slice of lemon.

“Now, a lot of people don’t know this but when you use deodorant, it traps the toxins in there,” she said. “And that’s why you always be musty. So, in order to alleviate that, put lemons—instead of deodorant—on your armpit.”

Saweetie did a demonstration and explained that doing so kills the bacteria in the armpit and lightens any dark spots. “Instead of putting that nasty, unhealthy deodorant that blocks your pores, get you some lemon.”

She said that she typically only does the lemon treatment once a week, but if she’s not eating right, she ups the amount.


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Saweetie isn’t the only celeb to forgo commercial deodorant

Those who google the method will find lemons or limes for armpits is not a novel idea, and others have tried it. However, there are a handful of celebrities who have shared that they don’t wear deodorant or use a DIY hack instead. Shailene Woodley once shared her recipe with InStyle magazine, and it includes baking soda and essential oils.

Cameron Diaz—who’s an advocate of clean eating and a green lifestyle—went viral in 2014 when she told E! News that she hasn’t used deodorant in decades. “I don’t believe in antiperspirant. It’s really bad for you. I haven’t used it for almost 20 years,” she said.