‘Schitt’s Creek’: 1 Cast Member Wore Paper Towels Under Their Armpits

It’s no secret that the cast of Schitt’s Creek had a ball filming the show. Every actor involved has been candid about the fact that the set of the hit comedy was a warm, welcoming, place and going to work every day was fun. Actors were given the freedom to stretch themselves professionally and build their unique characters from the ground up. Furthermore, the cast and crew got along famously and were able to build close bonds as well.

Schitt's Creek cast: Dustin Milligan, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Sarah Levy, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, and Noah Reid post for the SAG Awards
Dustin Milligan, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Sarah Levy, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, and Noah Reid | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fortunately, that closeness allowed the Schitt’s Creek cast and crew to be supportive of one another even when things got a little embarrassing. Dustin Milligan (who played Ted Mullins on the show) recently revealed that he actually sweat pretty intensely during the first couple of seasons of the show. In fact, he perspired so much that he had to use paper towels under his armpits to help mop up the sweat.

Dustin Milligan sweat profusely during early seasons of ‘Schitt’s Creek’

“Here’s something fun and completely embarrassing that happened in the first seasons, then, for some reason, it went away,” Milligan shared with BuzzFeed. “I’m a human being and that means that I sweat sometimes. There’s a lot of scenes in Schitt’s Creek where you may not notice this, but I’ve got paper towels crammed into my armpits. Our lovely costumer on the show would have a hairdryer ready to go, so in-between takes, I’d be standing there getting my armpits blown. I think a lot of people wouldn’t have been able to spot any sort of TV movie magic going on there. Definitely desperately avoiding any indication that I’m human and that I perspire.”

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While having his armpits blown dry may have been a bit embarrassing for Milligan, his Schitt’s Creek castmates were pretty chill about it, particularly Annie Murphy, who played his love interest, Alexis Rose. “There was actually a moment on a very hot day outside the motel, Annie turned around and was like, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ And I was just like, ‘What?’ Then she pointed to my armpits and said, ‘Look at that, they’re dry!’ She was very supportive,” Mulligan revealed.

Mulligan wasn’t the only cast member who had sweaty armpits

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Of course, Mulligan isn’t the only one who dealt with sweaty armpits while filming Schitt’s Creek. In behind-the-scenes footage for the show, Murphy revealed that she uses natural deodorant and it isn’t always as effective as she wanted it to be. Funnily enough, Daniel Levy (one of the show’s creators) wrote this joke into the show. Fans may recall when Stevie and David are sharing a special moment and David asks her if she remembered to put on deodorant. Clearly, the cast was able to make light of even their embarrassing moments. Fortunately, they remained supportive of one another throughout it all.