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Watching Schitt’s Creek, you just want to believe Eugene Levy is really as wonderful as Johnny Rose. Here’s more proof that he is. The Newport Beach Film Festival is giving Levy a lifetime achievement award. Levy’s son, Schitt’s Creek creator Dan Levy, got his father’s colleagues to congratulate him and tell storiess in a video.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara
Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy | Pop TV

The video features Schitt’s Creek costars, but also Levy’s SCTV costar Martin Short, his Father of the Bride, Bringing Down the House and Cheaper By the Dozen 2 costar Steve Martin and American Pie costars Jason Biggs and Jennifer Coolidge. Read what they had to say about Eugene Levy and watch the full video below.

Eugene Levy always supported his ‘Schitt’s Creek’ family

The Roses found a family in the town of Schitt’s Creek even beyond their nuclear unit. By all accounts, the family vibe extended behind the scenes too.

Eugene Levy and Annie Murphy
Annie Murphy and Eugene Levy | Pop TV

“When I played Hamlet at the Taragon theater, Eugene and his wife Deb came for opening night,” Noah Reid said. “That meant so much to me to have them there, but that’s the kind of guy Eugene is. He cares about the people around him and lets you know.  Thank you for the opportunity that you gave me, for the support that you gave me, for the love and the care that you extended my way.” 

Steve Martin and Martin Short expressed their love for Eugene Levy with comedy

Comedians are always going to roast and rib each other. Short and Martin were no exception, but you could sense the genuine love they were expressing. 

“Eugene is like family to me in that we often eat dinner in total silence,” Short said. “[At SCTV] everyone kind of admired him because he had this kind of cool superiority about him. But Eugene’s superiority is different. It was unearned.”

Schitt's Creek: Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara
Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara | Pop TV

Martin added, “You are special because you are a person. I see people all the time on the street, sometimes in crowds, sometimes alone and I think Eugene could be walking down that street. He’s a person. He’s a person too. I happen to know that the Newport Beach Film Festival wanted to give this to a person.”

Short did get serious before the video ended.

“There’s no one funnier,” Short said. “There’s no one more prolific as a writer, there’s no one smarter and there’s no one kinder.”

Before ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ he made his mark on the ‘American Pie’ cast

Jason Biggs played Levy’s son in American Pie. If you know the plot of American Pie, Levy played the most understanding father in the world. 

“I’ll never forget the first time I met Eugene on set of American Pie,” Biggs said. “I was a kid but he had so much respect for me. You taught me so much about comedy, about life.”


‘Schitt’s Creek’ Cast Makes Eugene Levy Cry In Emotional Tribute

Jennifer Coolidge played Stifler’s Mom. She didn’t really have scenes with Levy until the fourth film, American Reunion. Jim’s Dad (Levy), now a widower, finally hooks up with Stifler’s Mom.

“Remember at the very end of The Wizard of Oz when the Wizard is talking to the Tin Man,” Coolidge said. “He says, ‘A heart is nnot judged by how much you love, but how much you’re loved by others.’ He’s talking about you because I don’t know anyone who’s more loved by all than you.”