‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Snowden Marries Christeline Peterson in Season 3 Finale

Dimitri Snowden and Christeline Peterson said “I do” during the season 3 finale of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, which aired June 7. The big moment came five months after Chirsteline arrived in the U.S. from South Africa to see if she would be a good fit as a second wife to Dimitri and his first wife, Ashley Snowden. 

The Snowdens got a happy ending on the show, but did things work out for the pair and their new wife? After breaking up with sister wife Vanessa Cobbs, who Dimitri married in Seeking Sister Wife Season 2, the Snowdens seemed to have found a perfect second wife in Christeline. But it appears the relationship did not last. 

Dimitri Snowden legally marries Christeline Peterson 

Screengrab of Dimitri Snowden from Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri Snowden | TLC via YouTube

Dimitri and Ashley refer to each other as husband and wife, but they aren’t actually legally married. Instead, they have a spiritual union. Dimitri’s wedding to Vanessa was also a spiritual, not legal, ceremony. So, it was a big deal when Dimitri asked Christeline to become his legal wife.

The small, backyard ceremony took place just one week after Dimitri proposed. Christeline feared her family would disapprove of the marriage. As a result, she didn’t reveal to them she was getting married until the day of the ceremony. Fortunately, they expressed their support for her plan. 

Everyone involved seemed confident that Christeline was making the right choice to join the family.

“The last time I got married it was an epic fail,” Dimitri admitted, referring to his relationship with Vanessa. But he believed things with Christeline were completely different. 

“I feel peace and confidence knowing that I’m giving this gift of legal marriage to Chrissy,”  Ashley said. 

“Now our family is complete,” Ashley said after the ceremony. 

The ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ couple has already split up 


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Despite the smiles and messages of love at the wedding ceremony, Dimitri and Christeline’s marriage did not last. The two split in January 2021. Dimitri filed for divorce in May, according to People, which had obtained copies of the court documents. Previously, Christeline had filed a restraining order against Dimitri alleging domestic abuse, the magazine reported.

Vanessa Cobbs, who left the Snowdens shortly after appearing in the show’s second season, has shared a link to a GoFundMe for Christeline on her Instagram.

“If you’re able to, please take a moment to help support Christeline and her daughters,” she wrote. ”Chrissy is such a beautiful, kind, gentle soul and deserves nothing but love, peace, and happiness.” ⁣⁣

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to TLC for comment on the alleged abuse and divorce but did not hear back by the time of publication. 

Ashley Snowden references ‘drama’ in social media post 

The Snowdens have stayed mostly quiet on social media in recent weeks as reports emerged that their relationship with Christeline had ended. However, in a lengthy May 6 Instagram post, Ashley spoke out about the “swirling drama surrounding me,” noting that she knew her followers “want answers.” But she made it clear she wasn’t going to get into specifics about what had happened. 

“[I]t is real work not to match the energy that’s being targeted my way. In being true to myself however, I will not react, or be forced into any corner, especially when those talking aren’t doing so honestly. We all have a story, but telling it with integrity is so very important.”

“Justice has already been served,” she went on to say. Ashley added that she’ll eventually “have the opportunity to speak my truth on these things, so there’s no rush.”

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