‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 Release Date and Cast

TL; DR: 

  • Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premieres Monday, June 6 on TLC
  • Danielle and Garrick Merrifield return for the new episodes, along with Sidian and Tosha Jones. However, the Winder family and the Snowden family will not appear in Seeking Sister Wife’s new season. 
  • Several other shows are returning to TLC in the coming months, including Little People, Big World and I Love a Mama’s Boy. 
Sidian and Tosha Jones taking a selfie during an episode of 'Seeking Sister Wife'
Sidian and Tosha Jone from ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ | TLC via YouTube

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Get ready for more polygamist drama on TLC. Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife premieres in June 2022, with three all-new families joining the cast. Two couples from previous seasons will also return.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 premieres June 6 on TLC with three new families

New episodes of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 begin airing Monday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. The new season will have 14 drama-filled episodes, as five polygamous families  “navigate the challenges of actively searching for and courting potential new sister wives,” according to the network.

Three new families are joining the show this season: 

  • Steve and Brenda Foley, who have decided to resume their polygamist journey, this time with April, a much-younger potential sister wife. 
  • Nick, April and Jennifer Davis, who have taken a slightly different approach to plural marriage. April and Jennifer are legally married to each other, though both also consider themselves to be married to Nick, whose last name they share. 
  • Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps, a plural family who are searching for another woman to join their arrangement. 

Two families will return for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4. Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield are still waiting to bring Roberta to the U.S. from Brazil. Meanwhile, Sidian and Tosha Jones are pursuing a long-distance relationship with a woman from the Phillippines named Arielle. 

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden won’t appear in the new season of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ 

One familiar – and controversial – couple will not be back for the new season of Seeking Sister Wife. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden appeared in the first three seasons of the reality show. They had multiple failed relationships with potential sister wives, including a short-lived marriage to a woman named Vanessa. Their wedding was featured in the Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 finale, but just days after the episode aired, Vanessa revealed she’d left the family.

In season 3, the Snowdens pursued a relationship with a woman from South Africa named Christeline. She later accused both Dimitri and Ashley of abuse, People reported. Ashley then revealed that she was “single and grateful for life” in a July 2021 Instagram post. Neither she nor Dimitri will appear in the new episodes.

 The Winder family also won’t return for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, they revealed in an Instagram post. 

“It makes sense to us why we weren’t picked back up, as we’ve seen the show is taking a different path,” they wrote.  

Other shows returning to TLC include ‘Welcome to Plathville’ and ‘The Family Chantel’ 

Seeking Sister Wife is one of several reality series returning to TLC in the coming months. Fans can also look forward to: 

  • Little People, Big World Season 23, premiering on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET
  • Welcome to Plathville Season 4, premiering on Tuesday, May 17 at 10 p.m. ET
  • The Family Chantel Season 4, premiering on Monday, June 6th  at 8 p.m. ET
  • I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3, premiering on Sunday, June 19th  at 10 p.m. ET

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