Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber: Which of the Celebrity Exes Is More Popular on Social Media?

Justin Bieber is married to model Hailey Bieber in 2022. But there was a time when his romance with Selena Gomez dominated the headlines. The two young hitmakers first connected in 2010. They quickly embarked on a relationship that captured the attention of fans and media outlets around the world. Although Bieber and Gomez have long since broken up, they remain power players in the music industry and social media. Both influencers boast millions of followers. But who has more?

When did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber embrace at an award show
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once dated, but who is more popular on social media? | Kevin Mazur/TCA 2011 / Contributor

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez first started dating in 2010, with a romantic date at IHOP that had everyone talking. They made it official in February 2011, stepping out on the red carpet together at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party. Fans loved their romantic connection, and the portmanteau “Jelena,” referring to their couple status, started making the rounds on social media.

Bieber and Gomez went through some intense ups and downs over the years that followed, breaking up and reuniting in 2012 and then again in 2015. In August 2016, the two engaged in a tense social media exchange, convincing many fans their romance was really over. Bieber and Gomez were spotted together after that on several more occasions before breaking up for good in March 2018.

Gomez has slightly more social media followers than Bieber

Bieber married Hailey Bieber after he and Gomez broke up, much to the dismay of Jelena fans. Although Bieber and Gomez are no longer together, they are both very much present in the realm of social media, where they are top influencers. 

According to Affise, both Bieber and Gomez are two of the biggest stars on Instagram. But Gomez has a few more fans than Bieber. Notably, Gomez has 331,700,000 combined social media followers, while Bieber has around 287,200,000.

Gomez typically posts professional content to social media, along with some selfies and photos of her pets. As for Bieber, his social media pages are a bit more eclectic, with lots of pictures of his friends and family, along with promotional shots of his clothing brand. Ultimately, both Bieber and Gomez maintain distinct niches on social media.

How do Bieber and Gomez feel about each other these days?

With Gomez firmly focused on her career, including acting and music production ventures, and Bieber happily married, many fans wonder if the former flames are still in contact. While Bieber and Gomez haven’t stepped out together in recent years, some sources claim the two are open to being friends. 

According to The Sun, Bieber has reached out to Gomez in hopes of rekindling their friendship. However, the source notes, “Selena understands Justin never stopped loving her and also realizes quarantining during Covid has been tough for most relationships so she isn’t surprised that he has been calling. Selena is kind, and the last thing she would ever want would be to be part of trouble in their relationship. She has moved on.”

Whether this is true or not, it does seem as though Bieber and Gomez are at peace with where they are in their lives and have no desire to rock the boat by reconnecting if it would cause drama or pain to anyone. 

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