‘Selling Sunset’: Chrishell Stause Said the Drama on Season 4 is ‘Not Fun’ for Her

Fans of Selling Sunset know all about Chrishell Stause. The successful home seller had a difficult time fitting in with the other women who worked at The Oppenheim Group Real Estate, but she eventually found her stride. Unfortunately, a lot of her storyline was also overshadowed by her divorce. But now she’s talking about what fans can expect from Selling Sunset Season 4 — and it sounds like there’s a lot of drama.

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 is bringing the drama, Chrishell Stause said

Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim, and Chrishell Stause from 'Selling Sunset' Season 4 all standing together at an awards show
Mary Fitzgerald, Jason Oppenheim, and Chrishell Stause from ‘Selling Sunset’ | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images for Jane Owen PR

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Selling Sunset Season 4 is likely to feature all of the women from past seasons at the Oppenheim Group. Fans are hoping to hear more about Heather Rae Young, Davina Potratz, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, and, of course, Christine Quinn.

Recently, Stause talked to House Beautiful about what fans can expect from the next season of the show. She promised it will be “bigger and better” than ever before — and we’re certainly hoping her difficult past with ex-husband Justin Hartley is behind her. “It’ll be nice to kind of, you know, let you guys in on stuff,” Stause added. “I’m excited to kind of capture some of the things I’m working on.”

Unfortunately, for the real estate agent, it looks like there will be plenty of drama. We’re betting she and Quinn will continue to face difficulties, as we saw plenty of issues between them on the show. “Of course not fun for me,” Stause noted of the drama. “Hopefully we can keep it cordial and professional,” she added regarding Quinn.

When will ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 come out?

Now that Stause is talking about Selling Sunset Season 4, fans are wondering when they can expect the new season to air. So far, it doesn’t look like filming has begun — and if it has, it’s not far along. According to Elle, filming was stalled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, so fans likely won’t see season 4 until the end of 2021.

“We’re going to shoot [in 2021], now, I’m hearing,” Quinn told Grazia, according to Elle. “We have such a big production; there’s so many people on our crew.”

Fitzgerald also commented on who’s up for another season of the show. “I know the people that I talk to — Heather, Chrishell, Amanza, Jason, and Romain — we’re all up for a fourth season,” she said.

We’re happy to hear Romain Bonnet may be back — and it makes us wonder if Young’s fiancé, HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, will grace fans with his presence.

Does Chrishell Stause still work for The Oppenheim Group?

It hasn’t always been easy for Stause since she started with The Oppenheim Group. The catty nature of a few of her co-workers (like Quinn) and the difficult nature of selling multimillion-dollar homes is quite daunting.

So, does Stause still work for the twins’ real estate company? It seems she does, but she gave a clue back in 2020 regarding others leaving it all behind. “Some people have left,” she told Good Morning Britain, according to House Beautiful. “The brokerage has split.”

In a separate interview, Stause noted Brett was the one to leave. But Jason denied the rumors. And even Quinn had fans talking about how she may possibly leave the show and company behind for a solo debut. “”A spin-off solo show would be a great idea,” she told Vogue. “I’m so tired of sharing screen time with those five other b*tches — I’m done. Give me my own show already!”

We’re excited to get more information on Selling Sunset season 4 as it comes!

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